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Paradise Lost Book 9

No description

Malynn Robinson

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Paradise Lost Book 9

Book 9
By: Malynn Robinson and Braxton Stephens Primary Theme:
"To justify the ways of God to man Secondary Themes:
-Ignorance is bliss
-Obeying God is more important than your want for knowledge "To justify the ways of God to men"
This is shown in book nine by the way Eve falls so easily for Satan's tricks and Adam follows close behind. Ignorance is bliss
This secondary theme in book nine is a "read between the lines" theme. Obeying God is more important than your want for knowledge
This last secondary theme is obviously portrayed by the way Eve is easily persuaded by the snake to eat from the tree just based on the fact that she is mesmerized that this snake has gained an immense amount of knowledge from eating from the tree. Symbolism:
-wreath from Adam to Eve
-Standing The wreath from Adam to Eve is symbolic is two ways:
1.) When Adam is making the wreath it symbolizes his love for Eve
2.) When Adam finds that Eve has eaten from the tree of knowledge he drops the wreath in disappointment... Falling symbolizes the committing of a sin.
-"falling from innocence" or "falling from grace" Standing symbolizes good.
-An example from book nine is Adam telling Eve to keep her reason "erect." Meaning he wants her to do the right thing. Historical Context:
Throughout this book, Milton is steadily making fun of the knightly relationships of the Middle Ages. He basically felt that the heros of this period were all fake and shallow and not worthy of actually being called a "hero." He doesn't feel like the society at this time could really appreciate a true Christian hero. At the time that Milton was writing Paradise Lost the church had divided into three sects and being a Presbyterian he decided to attack all the depravity in the Catholic work through his literary works. Analysis:
Book nine is the first time you see the fall of Adam and Eve. Milton even states in the story that the tone must now become "tragic." However this story is not considered a tragedy because Adam is in fact a hero of this story.
One website proves this by saying "since through Adam's fall, salvation and eternal life will come to Man through God's mercy and grace." The antagonist of this story is Satan because he is trying to ruin the lives of Adam and Eve as revenge against God. However, Satan is regretful for making the two fall from grace and almost immediately misses the Garden himself. With this being said, Satan then decides that Earth will in fact be his new hell. Satan persuades Eve that if she eats from the Tree of Knowledge she too will be as smart and witty as he is. Whereas God believed that the less they were aware of, the better and less complicated their lives would be. Works Cited:



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