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Ming Dynasty

Tyler Trone Period 2 Global Studies

Tyler Trone

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Ming Dynasty

The Ming Dynasty Founder Zhu Yuanzhang, a former Buddhist monk who lived as a peasant Although China was under the rule of the Monguls, he eventually conquered most of China. He then was claimed as the Hongwu Emperor. He created laws to improve peasent life,
for he was formerly a peasent himself. He did not find trade as important as agriculture. The Great Wall The Great Wall of China
was revived from the Qin Dynasty, by the Ming Dynasty and was made even stronger. It was used as a border to keep out neighboring Manchurian and Mongolian tribes. Establishment The Ming Dynasty began in 1368
and lasted until 1644. It followed after the fall of
the Yuan Dynasty, which was
ruled by the Monguls. Know as, "one of the greatest
eras of orderly government and social stability in human history". Currency Since the Ming Dynasty began,
money was a problem. First, the emperor had paper
currency but failed because of
inflation and loss of value. They later returned to a copper coin,
but there were not enough coins made and
people began to counterfeit them. Which also
led to a declined value. Ming Dynasty Day This day celebrates the successes of the Hongwu Emperor and the concept of The Great Wall. It will be celebrated with Chinese festivites on The Great Wall of China. Anybody in China is welcomed. They should
attend because the Hongwu Emperor revolted
against the long reining Mongul-ruled Yuan Dynasty
only as a peasent. He was brave and had courage
to fight against the government. Once in power, his dynasty
constructed the Great Wall to keep out other Asian tribes. The
Great Wall is a sense of safety for the Ming Dynasty.
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