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EDUC 2130 Lesson Plan Presentation

No description

BryAnna Zoller

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of EDUC 2130 Lesson Plan Presentation

EDUC 2130 Lesson Plan Plants for First Grade
by: BryAnna Zoller Standard:
S1L1.Students will investigate the characteristics and basic needs of plants and animals.

a.Identify the basic needs of a plant— Air, Water, Light, Nutrients

c. Identify the parts of a plant— root, stem, leaf, and flower. Objective:
The students will be able to label each part of a plant (root, stem, leave and flower) and effectively describe the life cycle of a plant including all of its basic needs to grow (air, water, light, nutrients). The students will be able to identify on their own different types of plants and will also effectively grow their own lima bean. Ask students: What do you know about plants?
Does anyone have any examples of a plant?

Show students a metal flower that is
labeled with the parts of a plant

Then explain to students that they will be making one of their
own models! Tell the students that they are going to label all the parts of the plant along with what a plant needs to grow. Introduction Activity EXPERIMENT Natural Science for first graders EXPERIMENT ACTIVITY Instruction Activity Assessment
Time! part 1: Students will complete a worksheet; they will draw a flower and label its parts
part 2: Students will write a story where they are a plant. They will describe their "life's adventures" and incorporate their basic needs to grow up throughout their story Extensive Activity Plant hunt checklist: Students, with a parent/guardian, grandparent or older sibling will go on a plant hunt in their yard or local park to find the different plants on the list Disabilities and ELL Students Compensation Each classroom and student is different so the compensations would have to adjust with changes. Some general ideas:
Throughout lesson plan when labels are used, the labels
could include both the English and the Spanish word Most of the activities could be done in groups or at group tables to allow students with disabilities to receive extra help from other
students. Also teacher should be monitoring room in case intervention is needed.
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