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Edgar Allen Poe

No description

Alyssa Ryan

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allan Poe He was born on January 19th, 1809 Early Life. His mother died when he was only 2. His father abandoned them within the first year of his birth. Was taken in by a merchant in Virginia. "John Allan alternately spoiled and aggressively disciplined his foster son." His Works. A cask of Amontillado The Black Cat The Masque Of Red Death The Murders In Rue Morgue The Pit and the Pendulum The Premature Burial The Tell-Tale Heart His Time In the Army On May 27th, 1827, Poe enlisted himself in the Army. At the time he wasn't able to support himself anymore so even though he was only 18, he lied and said he was 22. He went under a fake name, "Edgar A. Perry." During the time many complications arose such as... Poe wanted to end his enlistment early so he told the lieutenant about his real name and age. He agreed to let him go if Poe could get conformation from Allan, his foster father. Allan was uncaring and did not write back. His foster mother became very ill. John Allan wouldn't even write Poe to tell him. She died on February 28, 1829. His first book of poetry was written. Only 50 copies were printed. The book was very unsucessful. The Pit and the Pendulum
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