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Lexical errors & mistakes

No description

Leo Selivan

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of Lexical errors & mistakes

Lexical Errors & Mistakes
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(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
Leo Selivan
take a breath take a step

make a move

play a game fake a smile

break a vow

stake a claim say a word
Collocation - a combination of words that co-occur more often than would be expected by chance
Are you happy with the idea of explaining less and exemplifying more?
Discussion question




take a breath

demanding job

knee injury

ridiculously cheap

talk freely

bomb went off
Collocation types
Word lists
Struggle to use it
Extensive noun vocab
a) It gives me great pleasure to extend warm / hot greetings to all those celebrating this day.

b) A flock / herd of 271 sheep worth up to £25000 has been stolen from a field in Ramsbottom.

c) For the last five years the Dutch economy has increased / grown faster than Britain, France, or Germany.

d) Dudley Police have launched an inquiry following an incident in which a man received stab injuries / wounds.

e) Dine in our open / fresh -air restaurant set in a traditional wood building.
TASK 3 - Answers
More examples rather
than lengthy explanations
Think of "difficult" word pairs.
e.g. home vs. house

Then think of a few examples to illustrate the difference between the two.
Task 4
house vs. home
job vs. work
watch vs. see
comfortable vs. convenient
study vs. learn
mistake vs. error
electric vs. electrical
travel vs. trip
Some pairs that often cause difficulty
Learners do not have enough exposure

Learners need guidance

Learner L2 influences their production
Why is collocation important ?

knee / head injury
received / sustained serious injuries
escape without injury
He was badly injured in the crash

a gunshot wound
a flesh wound
multiple stab wounds
a wounded soldier

He was deeply wounded by her fierce criticism
Many words are used in a limited set of collocations and knowing these is part of what is involved in knowing the words.

Language knowledge is collocational knowledge.

Ellis, 2001
Nation, 2001
Lexical Approach proposed in 1990s by Michael Lewis:
Emphasis on "chunks"

Prototypical rather than atypical

Grammar and vocab. are interdependent
about 30 essays written by advanced speakers

judged by native speakers

considerable difficulty in producing collocations
Collocation errors
Collocation errors
Medium-strong collocations
- lowest number of mistakes

Medium-weak collocations
- most mistake-prone
e.g. pay attention, fail an exam
e.g. exert control, perform a task
Nesselhauf (2005)
Nesselhauf (2005)
Learner at all levels produce far fewer collocations than NS

Errors persist even at higher levels

Errors mainly due to L1 transfer
Laufer & Waldman (2011)
Allows learners process and produce language at a faster rate

Helps learners move from receptive to productive vocabulary knowledge

More reasons
Weak Medium Strong
Linguistic voids are unavoidable

English is the richest language
(approx. 500,000 words)
invite friends for dinner

Would you like to order?

reserve a room

book our flights
shrug your shoulders
honk your horn

bear resemblance
fail a test

achieve a goal
reach a compromise
perform an experiment

make a mistake

see a film

a) They are responsible on the kids after they finish to learn.
b) It’s the movie about people who live in England at the last century.
c) The study price is very high.
d) Sorry I lated.
e) .. to get a new push in my working perspective.
f) I exaggerated at the gym and now my back is occupied.
g) Otherwise the impolite behaviour will lead to the good manners extinction.
h) I like my roommate; she is comfortable.
i) The doctor measured my heat .
TASK 5 – Learner errors

Words are not used ALONE

It is more efficient to learn THE WHOLE
and break it into parts than vice versa

Learning collocations promotes ACCURACY and FLUENCY and faster COMPREHENSION

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