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Age of Zaram Classes

Playable classes for Age of Zaram

Larya the Blue

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of Age of Zaram Classes

Zaram Loyalists Outlaws Warrior Archer Guard Role: Melee Damage Starter Abilities: Basic Attack- Very high damage Sever Limb- Extremely high damage, disables opponent Blunt Blow- Extremely high damage, stuns opponent Weapons: Any melee weapons, can dual wield Role: Melee Tank
Starter Abilities: Basic Attack- Moderate damage Block: Defends against an attack Shield Blow- Moderate damage, long stun Weapons: Any one handed weapon+shield Role: Ranged Damage Starter Abilities: Basic Attack- Fires an arrow at opponent. High long ranged damage. Headshot- Massive ranged damage, slow fire Triple Shot- Fires 3 arrows at once. Moderate ranged damage to multiple enemies. Weapons: Bow or crossbow (main), dagger or shortsword (sidearm) Elemental Mage Runic Mage Necromancer Fire Mage Water Mage Earth Mage Air Mage The Age of Zaram
Classes Role: Ranged Damage
Starter Abilities: Basic attack- High magic damage+damage over time Scorch Ground- Area of effect attack, damages multiple enemies Heat Metal- Makes metal weapons too hot to hold, enemies boil inside metal armour (up to 3 targets attackable Role: Crowd Control Role: Healer/Buffer Starter Abilities: Basic Attack: Moderate ranged damage, weakens opponent Runes of Healing: Heals wounds/injuries/sicknesses of an ally Runes of Enhancement: Enhances the combat performace of an ally Long ago, warriors fought mages in the Age of Chaos even without magic. Though none of those veterans still live, the warriors of the current day carry on the bravery and courage of their forefathers. They fill the ranks of Zaram's army, hunting down mages throughout the lands. Unlike their warrior comrades, guards are not great killers who can slay numerous enemies. Instead, they focus upon defence and survival. Guards protect the weak from dangers and shield themselves from enemies. Master of the bow and arrow, archers are the greatest marksmen of Zaram's army, picking off enemies from afar, often before the enemy even sees them. However, once at close range, an archer is weak and open to assault. Elemental mages are users of magic who has decided to pursue knowledge of an element of nature. They know much about their element, and can call upon it to aid them in various situations. Elemental mages do not require any weapons, though they often use staves and wands to enhance their magic. Starter Abilities: Basic attack- Moderate ranged damage+stun Flood- Moderate damage to multiple enemies+knockback Water Choke: Stun; instant death if maintained for a minute Role: Ranged Tank Starter Abilities: Basic Attack- Medium magic damage+slight stun Stone Wall- Levitates stones to block oncoming ranged and magic attacks for a time Hurl Stone- Long stun+medium damage Role: Crowd Control Starter Abilities: Basic attack- Medium magic damage+slight knockback Summon Tornado- Knockback to multiple opponents+fall damage Lightning- Medium magic damage+stun Weapons: Spellbooks, Runestones Special: Able to create rune-imbued weapons and armour Role: Debuffer/Pets Starter Skills: Basic Attack- High ranged damage, also causes fear in opponent, weakening them Resurrect- Revives up to two (increases as game progresses) corpses to fight at your side Drain Will- Lowers the opponent's will to fight, greatly weakening them. Weapons: Staff, scepter, wand Runic mages study the secrets of ancient runes, which appear to be mere words, but the wise know that those words are the passage to great power stored within nature. The power of runes is usually used for strengthening your allies or weakening your enemies, though it can also be used to deal direct damage, to a certain extent. Necromancers are often associated with the darker side of magic. Though most necromancers are dark mages, the two are not synonymous. A necromancer is a mage that studies the secrets of death and what lies beyond, and is not necessarily evil. During the Age of Zaram, few necromancers exist, as necromacy is seen as the worst of magic, and all who practice it are top targets for Zaram's men. Thief Role: Stealth Starter Skills: Basic Attack- High melee damage Stealth: Goes into a hard to detect state Silent Kill- Ability to kill enemies without others noticing Weapons: Dagger, Shortsword, Crossbow Thieves have existed for centuries, hiding the the shadows. Before Zaram outlawed magic, thieves and other criminals dominated the underworld. When mages were put into the same category as the criminals, some thieves welcomed them in and taught them the ways of being an outlaw. However, most of them have shady ideas in mind. Choose your class Who will you be? Special: Ability to steal
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