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Organic Food-

No description

Lauren Smart

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of Organic Food-

Organic Food
Is it worth it?
Juli & Lauren - Guaranteed freshness!
What Is Organic Food?
~ Regulating the process of organic food
THe difference between Organic & Processed Food
Is Organic Better?
Pesticides and our Health
-Long term affects of pesticides on your body

-Should you be worried?

Growth Hormones and Steroids
- How are organic animals raised?

-What makes them different from the non-organic
Environmental Issues
Why do they cost more?
- Supply if limited and not on demand

- More Labor is required

- Transporting cost

- Higher standard for animal welfare
How Can you tell it's organic?
Money saving& Organic Shopping
Are you really an organic pear?
I'm Organic...
-What should you buy organic?

-How to save money on organic produce
Certified Organic Logo
- Makes finding organic produce easier

- Adopted in June 2009
Helping you make organic choices since 2009
What's the difference?
Can you tell the difference?
- Local experiment
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