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On the Wrong Track

DIG 3024

Nicholas Lloyd

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of On the Wrong Track

On The Wrong Track
Will This Succeed?
Published digital comic authors give the same advice for creating a good concept: make something original

The story is capable of grabbing someone's attention. You see a man with barely no life in his eyes and it makes you wonder- Who's he? Was he in an accident? Is he even human? These questions can encourage the viewer to see and find out.
VR Support
Immerse yourself in a virtual world of drought stricken event in time where soul hunters scavenge for lost souls that haven't move into the afterlife world.Interaction with objects and environment to find your true purpose.
Thanks for viewing
Works Cited
Another one fell off track...
You have met death from an recent event and now you accept want lies next. Unexpectly, you walk up in the middle of nowhere on the westlands of McCoy District.You feel cold and empty, yet you breathing well at this moment. You got up and wonder into this strange land.
Hop back on track with your support
With the help of Indiegogo, the product will gather the resources and fund need to complete. Through Facebook and Twitter, we'll share it and have polls for people to vote on and respond with changes with the product based they voted on. We take help from small groups to Professional publishers. Publisher are constantly accepting submissions for newcomer comics because the price risk is almost non existent.
Background: www.pptback.com
Looking for the end of the line
Trevor Sol, a restless Soul Hunter who slay corrupt, tainted souls and sends them to the world beyond the living. He needs to slay the one soul that killed him from battle before he can freed from this world. He will have to gather clues and find help in the living in order to find the tainted soul and killed it.

El Yotto, a typical Wild West town in the McCoy District. It is the year 1881. For the last few months, the trains belonging to the famous railroad company, Brown & Co have been the target of a whole series of hold-ups and ambushes. The management of the company has decided enough is enough and they have to put an end to the raids. It has offered a reward of for anyone who captures the leader of the gang responsible.
Welcome to El Yotto

But no one in and around El Yotto has the courage to take on the might of the bandits and their Asser (Trevor's Killer), so the outlaws just keep on robbing town after town. Even the local Marshal from the towns are keeping well out of it.
The tainted Souls
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