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Costa Rica

No description

josh enjati

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Costa Rica

COSTA RICA Physical Map The highest point is Cerro Chirripo at 3,820 m The capital is San Jose. Costa Rica is split into 7 provinces Political Map the most populated city is San Jose the ratio of 1.01 male/1 female there is a total of 4,608,426 Population temperature is 70-90
degrees year round the rainy season is from
may to November Costa rica's money is mostly from tourism September 15th is
independence day They are very big on family,
families are usually very close For Christmas, Santa doesn’t bring presents it is baby Jesus that brings presents culture/traditions Resources Cocoa, rice, beans
Bauxite, copper, gold, and coffee Traditional clothing modern clothing Education In 1888 the literacy rate
was at a record low of 20%
Now the literacy rate is 94.9% School is required up until about 6th grade Health the lowest life expectancy was in 1920 at 35 years old life expectancy is at 78.8 years old which is 39th in the world Costa Rica provides health care for all of its citizens Media Number of People that use computers- 930 Number of people with cells phones 1,101,035 some stone spheres
were made at some
in this
period 700-500 BC Columbus discovered south America 1502 Spain starts to sail to colonize Costa Rica and other countries in south/Central America 1506 1510 Spain makes the natives into slaves 1522 Spain left because of lack of food and disease 1524 Spain tries to settle again but die within 3 years 1540 becomes part of the vice royalty of new Spain 1542 slavery was somewhat outlawed but still a little of it went on 1561 first successful colonization of central costa Rica 1600 start
exporting goods and also importing 1700 major cities are starting to be formed 1808 coffee is introduced
and becomes the principal crop Tourist Attractions Mount Verde Cruises Beach Arenal volcano Peurto Viejo 1821 gained independence from Spain 1824 coin system was made for money 1833 find gold and it is 48% of the exports 1838 becomes fully independent 1850 coffee becomes 90% of their exports and their main source for money 1949 the women and the blacks gets full equal rights Food Breakfast- black beans and rice, scrambled eggs, fried plantains lunch/supper-Tamale (seasoned corn meal inside it has rice, beans, vegetables and meat), Bocas, and other things Housing The indigenous tribes living in Costa Rica were the Caribs, Borucas, Chibchas, and Diquis Jobs The most common jobs in Costa Rica is farming Usually Coffee harvesting and plantation They make an average of $400-600 a month. The average income doesn't usually change much even for doctors. THE END By: Josh Enjati
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