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Wed Night Buisness

No description

matt trebek

on 3 March 2017

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Transcript of Wed Night Buisness

Leadership Structure
CEO – Cheryl Nahmias

CFO - Lydia Mellado

Creative / Graphic Design - Cameron Marygold

Production and Inventory - Raquel Ortiz and Brittany Kingsbury

Marketing – Matt Feder and Marco Ponta

Sales - Alicia Hickey and Daniel Robles
Our Product
The shirt is a 100% cotton, black T-shirt with an image of a mason jar dripping with honey and bees buzzing around. The message is “Get Buzzed”, “Help Bees Survive, We Need Them!”
Our logo is printed on the back directly under the neckline.
Our Market
1. Pierce College students, friends and family.
2. Elementary schools as part of a larger educational program and or fundraiser
3. Earth friendly / natural businesses
4.Currently we have 250 potential customers that are estimated to spend $16.00.
Design Process
Phase 1
- Design Product, Complete
Phase 2
- Produce Product, Complete for initial run of 10
Phase 3
- Start retailing the product -Pending
We are planning to outsource production of the product to a printing partner but all designs will stay in-house and are property of EarthROAR.
We wanted to establish ourselves as a social issue T-shirt retailer.
1. Unique 2. Catchy
3. Memorable
4. Environmentally Conscious

T-Shirts by EarthRoar
1.Student Designed
3.Quality and Comfortable
4.Caters to a wide range of potential customers
5.Conversation Starter
Cost of T-shirt- $4

Cost of Printing- $5

Total cost of Production- $9

Retail- $16

Profit- $7 Per shirt

1. Environmentally conscious - Our whole platform is to better our world through enlightening mankind.

2. Simple, easy, and fun - Simple to make an impact but easy and fun to spread awareness

3. Trendsetter - Ignorance is not an excuse and we aim to make social issues come to light
Break Even
Break Even Analysis Formula:

Revenue per unit: $16 subtract the Variable Expense per unit of $9 to get the Profit of $7

Total Fixed Cost in first run: $90

Calculation to figure breakeven point: 90/7=12.85

Break-even number of shirts: 13 T-shirts
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