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Modern Women's Roller Derby

A presentation for Westerville Central High School.

Amy Spears

on 27 September 2010

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Transcript of Modern Women's Roller Derby

Roller Derby
Who am I?
Amy "Alli Catraz" Spears (League President)
Modern Women's Roller Derby was born in Austin, TX in 2003
Ohio Roller Girls
Photos by:
Earl Sod
Joe Rollerfan
Alex Reese
Dixie Heartless
Gabby Kelley
Kitty Liquorbottom
Axle Adams
Doc X
For the skaters, by the skaters
Leagues are run by their members
WFTDA is run by the member leagues
No corporate owners
We run the business, play the sport, do all the dirty work, and do things to give back to the community.
But no, we don't get paid
Founded in 2005, first game in 2006.
Now entering our fifth season
We play other cities with a 2 team (JV/Varsity-type) structure
"You go to another city and go: 'That track size? We made that.'"
-Cat Tastrophe, TXRG
What is roller derby anyway?
Full contact sport on roller skates
Born in the 1920s, most popular in 1950s and 60s
Small rebirth in the 90s as inline skates became popular
Do-it-Yourself Sensibilities
When they started, roller derby didn't exist anymore
They had to make it all up, from rules, to what the track should look like
Soon after, leagues started cropping up in cities across the U.S.
First national tournament was 2006 Dust Devil
2009 brought the first tournament outside of the US, the UK's Roll Brittania
2 teams field 5 players each
jammer has the star on her helmet; earns points for passing opponents
penalties: can't elbow, block out of bounds, use hands, etc.
How is the game played?

"We set it up, we play, and then at the end of the night, we clean everything up, pull up the track, load it up. It's a full day of derby." - Cardinal Sin
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