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Haydn`s peoms

No description

haydn favacho

on 16 February 2011

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Transcript of Haydn`s peoms

poems Poems Orange Orange is my is my favourite colour.
It`s the colour that stands out to me.
It isn`t just a colour
it`s an emotion of happiness just
for me.
Orange is so awesome
it has it`s own fruit.
Thats why it is my favourite colour. Hockey is what I like the best.
I play for the team on the front
"not" the name on the back.
Hockey that is impotant to me
the one i strive for
with every burst of energy.
From when I speed down the ice
as I work my edges from
left to right.
I wind up for the shot
as it goes bar down
and then
I grabed the ice My friends Cereal poems by
other people In flanders
feilds the
poppies blow
between the
crosess, row on
row,that mark our
place; and in the
sky the larks,
still bravely
singing, fly scarce
heard aimed the
guns below. Haydn's poems My poems Orange Hockey Cereal My friends Anthology
poems gggg
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