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Superflex BrainEater

No description

Erin Novak

on 10 March 2016

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Transcript of Superflex BrainEater

Congratulations! You have defeated
You are now calm, alert and ready to pay attention!
Brain Eater


Make a list
Use a distractor shield
Move the item so you can't see it
Use a fidget
Move your body away from distractor
Drink water
Use headphones
Body break
Look at what others are doing!
Live in the moment aka be mindful!!
Mindful Eating
Brain Break!
Inside or Outside the Brain?
Sometimes he gets someone distracted by things around them like posters or pictures in the room.
He's good at finding things that the person enjoys thinking about, like video games, and filling that person's brain so it's hard to think of anything else
He makes it hard for you to focus on what that person is supposed to be doing
He also makes it hard for someone to focus on others while in a group
Everyone has a Superflex
inside them that can tackle BrainEater
Attack of the
Distractor Blasters!
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