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Lisa Papademetriou

Authors Study Report

Makayla Bowman

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Lisa Papademetriou

All About Lisa Papademetriou Lisa Started Working In Childern`s Publishing As An Intern At The Horn Book Magazine And The Horn Book Guide While Still A Junior At Vessar College. Upon Graduation She Moved To Guatemala City And Taught High School English In A Bilingual School. When She Returned To The United States She Accepted A Job As An Editorial Assistant At Scholastic Book Inc. And Has Since Worked In An Editorial Capacity At 17th Street Prouductions, Harper Collin, And Disney Press. She Has Writtrn Over 3o Books For Young Readers. This Is Where Lisa Lives Lisa Was Born On August 25,1971. Her Zodiac Sign is Virgo. She Is 39 Years Old. She Lives In Northampton Masschutesetts. She Has A Husband Named Ali Papademetriou, A Daughter,And A Dog. She Likes Playing The Guitar, Dancing To 80`s Music,And Eating At Vegetarian Cafe Although She Isn't A Vegeterian. What Inspired Her? Education!
Lisa attended West University Elemtary school,Lanier Middle School, Episopal High School of Houston,and then Vassar College. The Titles Of Lisa's Books

Your In Big Trouble Brad!
Lucky Me!
My Pen Pal Pat
Home Away From Home
Sixth-Grade Glommers, Norks, And Me
The Wizard The Witch And Two Girls From Jersey
M Or F? (Male Or Female)
How To Be A Girly Girl In Just Ten Days
Chasing Normal (Newberry Award Winning)
Ice Dreams
Cany Apple Box Set
Lizzie McGuire:A Very Lizzie Summer
Phil Of The Future: Stuck In Time
Disney Faires
Prilla`s Prize
Rain In Mermaid Lagoon
Iridessa,Lost At Sea
Rosetta's Daring Day
Rani:Two Freindship Tales Lisa is currently reading the book: "Groundswell: Winning In A World Transformed By Social Technologies". By:Charlene Li THIS IS LISA All Productions Made By Makayla Bowman And Destiny Hampton WE LOVE YOU MRS.MANN If We Had To Say A Few Words About Lisa. We Would Say, She Was A Very Concerning Author. She Says She Would Love To Know To Keep In Touch With Her Fans, (Which FYI Is Totally Me And Destiny)! She Says That She Always Trying To Write Books That People Would Enjoy Not Just For The Money Because She Enjoys Listening To All The Comments That People Give Her When They Read Her Books! We Love You Mrs.Mann This Is Lisa!! http://lisapapa.com/ We Love You Mrs.Mann!!!(: This Is Lisa We Love You Mrs.Mann!!(: In 2005 "Sixth-Grade Glommers, Norks, and Me" Was Named One Of The "Best Books Of The Year" by www.FamilyFun.com WHEN??? In November 2008 "DROP" Published. January 2007
"The Wizard, The Witch, And Two Girls From Jersey" Is On The 2007-2008 Texas Lone Star List! Girls’ Life publishes the humorous short story, “The Great Date Auction” in the February March 2007 issue. MARCH
"M or F?" is a NYPL Book for the Teen Age 2006! Whatcha Readin'?? "My readers inspire me—-I love hearing from them. But sometimes I don’t feel inspired, and I have to write, anyway! When that happens, I just get to work. Usually, the inspiration sneaks up on me while I’m writing." Lisa Posted This On Her Website. Ideas!! "My ideas are mostly based loosely on real life—people I’ve known, situations I’ve been in, and silly little things that have happened to me. But, hopefully, the books are funnier!" Lisa Said This On Her Website. Work! Work! Work! Being A Great Author Just Isn't Enough For Lisa! Lisa Conducts Writing Workshops For Children And Adults All Across The Country. Lisa's High-Energy Workshops Focus On Craft And Structure. Her Background As An Editor, Teacher, And An Author Make Her Invaluable Resource For Writers Interested In Taking Their Work To The Next Level. Past Workshops Include: For Adults: Shaping Your Story
Be Your Own Editor
Character And Destiny For Children: Writing Scary Stories
Writer's Secret Formula May 18, 2007
Lisa Gives A Workshop At The New England SCBWI Conference. Lisa's Main Genre Is Young Adult, Humor, Children's Books. Lisa Has Her Own Website!
It Is:
Here You Can Read About Lisa And Her Books, Read About Important News Events, And There Are Even Some Fun Little Quizes. Check It Out Sometime. We Love You Mrs.Mann!(: We Love You Mrs.Mann!(: We Love You Mrs.Mann!(:
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