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Copy of Prezi Overview

No description

sang rok lee

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Prezi Overview

Prezi gives you the freedom to develop your ideas exactly how you want ... ... and an open canvas that gives you lots of space. Sometimes the small details are important 이 상 록 E-mail) orcus07@gmail.com
Mob) 010.4726.3016 Semiconductor Display Communication System 5M 4M 3M 2M 1M 1st Prezumé TED Conferences invests in Prezi Click to Watch
First ever TED Prezi Future Technologies of information display devices; corning, TAT, ironman http://blog.prezi.com/2010/01/28/prezis-in-davos-tim-berners-lee/ Advent of

in Korea Detroit Public School System hosts
Prezi Olympiad Shared vision of promoting interesting ideas Present by Sang-Rok Lee Prezi Karaoke http://blog.prezi.com/2009/04/01/greatest-thing-about-working-with-prezi/ Prezi helps job-seeker stand out and land a new gig: Prezioke ” “ ” “ Students compete and share their knowledge online It is to be the
first of 9 books in... First Prezi Book is published English Dutch Korean Japanese German #1 Facebook Campus being designed in Prezi.
First office designed in prezi Facebook Campus being designed in Prezi.
First office designed in prezi Gensler uses Prezi to introduce their plans and thoughts to decision-makers at Facebook. Design Strategist Randy Howder 지능형로봇 Introduction of Engineering College 2013 SAT Process of Hanyang University Hanyang University at a glance http://prezi.com/goiorwi3w-bl/quick-intro-to-mri-and-fmri/ http://prezi.com/2o9xnrfphr_v/blackboard-bbworld-2011-corporate-keynote-prezihelpcom/ Hanyang Choir Class:
The phantom of Opera. 2011 Hanyang Festival:
SNSD_Gee http://prezi.com/r2lbb3lfomg5/playing-to-learn-math/ 한양 100년의 꿈 Click on the videos or links to check out their talks. Ready to Zoom? http://prezi.com/u8i1a__brbc6/the-untapped-powers-of-the-smile-ron-gutman-ted-talk/ http://prezi.com/osrhmatdot3d/chris-anderson-how-web-video-powers-global-innovation/ http://www.hanyang.ac.kr 왜!! "융합"전자공학부인가? In just 2 years,
Prezi reached 5 Million Zooming Users! ” “ http://bit.ly/qOFxdB The Next Web: Welcome to Hanyang University!!! Need help creating your
prezi? Let us introduce you to a professional prezi designer. ... your target audience and main message, and the best prezi design and narrative- to captivate your audience and drive your message home. Finally, your designer will advise you on best practices for presenting, sharing and maintaining your prezi.

For additional help, be sure to familiarize yourself with the training materials and support tools and services on prezi.com. The designer will work with you to understand ... http://www.prezi.com We look forward to working with you to

your presentation to the next level. zoom ` your budget and time constraints, click click to watch video Department of Electronic Engineering 융합전자공학부 New Technology!!! 미래의 융합 교육의 융합 기술의 융합 혜택의 융합 연구의 융합 탄탄한 기본기를 바탕으로 진화하는 커리큘럼 객관적 지표가 증명하는 최고의 연구역량 IT 기업의 시선을 사로잡는
다양한 신기술 개발 장학금과 다양한 교육의 기회 제공 IT 세상의 다양한 분야로 진출 ㅇ데Department of
Engineering 메모리반도체 시스템반도체 Big and.... http://cafe.naver.com/hyhumm 스마트폰 미래자동차 우주항공 <Watch your day in 2020 - Future technology> ; Corning <Future Technology> ; TAT 14 inch Transparent OLED Display Notebook ; Samsung mobile "미래의
기술" CRT

(TV, 컴퓨터) ex)휴대폰, TV, 노트북, 컴퓨터 PDP

ex)대형 벽걸이 TV LCD AMOLED ex)휴대폰, TV, 노트북, 컴퓨터 Flexible
e-paper 3D
Display 통신 음성인식 Flexible e-paper ; samsung 2010 True 3D Display using laser plasma Hanyang The art of Innovation class:
The art of picking someone on street 기업체 취업 대학원 진학 변호사
기술공무원 개발자
기술기획자 IT 컨설턴트
전문가 3D-Multi-viepoint Fog display
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