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Paul Anderson

No description

Paul Anderson

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson
My first mini triathlon has been the climax of life. I was in eighth grade. I did not train and just signed up because the University of Houston advertised at my school and I thought it would be fun. This was literally the biggest kids’ triathlon in the world. Thousands of kids! There were slow chunky kids barely getting through each event and there were intense, focused athletes pushing themselves to their limit. I breezed right through the swim and bike, but I was feeling the pain in every muscle of my body during the run. Crossing the finish line was a relief and a rush! It was an amazing feeling and I knew I would be doing this again.
Internal Conflict
I love my parents, and I hate my parents. They feed me, love me and are my safety net when I take on challenges. But they are also on my case constantly and they have such high expectations. I hate that I am afraid to let them down.
I want to go to Texas A&M and be in the Aggie Corps of Cadets. I would like to be disciplined enough to push myself mentally and physically. I also was to travel the world. That way I can experience different cultures, instead of just read about them.
My grandfather Paul Howe inspires me. He was in the United States Navy and did seven tours of duty in Vietnam. He was humble and had a deep love for our country. I admire that he lived a life of service. I admire that he ran 5-9 miles per day. I admire that his self-discipline and confidence commanded respect.
Life Symbol
“Pain is weakness leaving the body”
~Daniel J. Evans, Former US Senator
I want to be physically and mentally strong. To become this, I must push myself in school and in life. Late night homework is pain. Running club at 7:00 AM on Sundays is pain. The Boy Scout Navy Seal Challenge is pain. Enduring pain makes me stronger.
My own laziness is my biggest enemy. Sometimes I would rather sleep in than get up to work out. Sometimes I would rather hang out, watch TV or just take a nap instead of starting homework. Laziness sometimes gets the best of me, but I fight to overcome it.
External Conflict
Technology is a necessary evil. Social media calls to me to see what’s up with my friends, and games beckon for me to come play. Google plus, Facebook, email! My computer is a black hole that sucks away my time and productivity.
I have lived in the same house for most of my life. It is where I spend every day doing homework, chores, sleeping and eating and all the other boring daily things. It is where I spend my time with my family, the people who love and support me and drive me crazy and help make me the person I am today. I also spend a lot of time at Kempner, specifically the JROTC shack. It is where I have made great friends and learned to appreciate those who sacrifice and serve for our freedoms in a more meaningful way.
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