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And they lived happily ever after

No description

Amanda Vorwald

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of And they lived happily ever after

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli And They Lived Happily Ever After For A While JOHN CIARDI As the smog was beginning to thin In Saint Snivens by the Scent
Because we had been so busy I married my darling Bonnie
Breathing the worst of it in And we built our Oxygen Tent

That the worst remained inside us And here till the tanks are empty
And whatever we breathed back We sit and watch TV
Was only-sort of- grayish And dream of the Dirty River
Or at least not entirely black. On its way to the Sticky Sea

It was down by the Dirty River Here till the needles quiver
That flows to the Sticky Sea Shut on the zero mark
I gave my heart to my Bonnie We sit hand in hand while the TV screen
And she gave hers to me. Shines like a moon in the dark

I coughed, "I love you, Bonnie I coughed, "I love you, Bonnie
And do you love me true?" And do you love me true?"
The tears of joy flowed from her eyes The tear of joy flowed from her eyes
When she sneezed back: "Yes-Achoo!" When she sneezed: "Yes - Achoo!" Born of Italian immigrants. His father died when he was only 3 years old and left to be raised by his illiterate Italian mother. Taught briefly at the University of Kansas City until he joined the U.S. air force for three years. He then became an English professor at Harvard University until 1953 when he then became dedicated to his poetry. But he also went to teach at Rutgers University in order to begin a writing program. After 8 successful years he resigned in order to follow through with several other
lucrative careers in 1961. For the last 10
years of his life he reported on word
histories as an outgrowth of his series
of books of etymologies. He died of a
heart attack in 1986. Elements Within the Poem "Dirty River": The hangout spot and the voice in the poem and Bonnie's special place
"Sticky Sea": what used to be beautiful open water is now polluted with sticky garbage
"Bonnie": what the voice of the poem calls the Earth
"Saint Snivens": a waste town that was so destroyed by us humans is no longer capable of sustaining human life Research-Alyssa I researched Extinction and Sea Levels
These Relate to our poem because And They All Lived Happily Ever After for a While references things that are going wrong in the world that we think we are fixing but in reality we aren't these are 2 things that we think we are fixing but really we aren't. Research- Amanda I researched Global Warming and the ice melting in the polar caps. This relates to And They All Lived Happily Ever After for a While because the poem talks about our environmental problems and these research topics are both environmental problems that we can't completely fix. Meaningful Stanza "I coughed 'I love you Bonnie
And do you love me true?'
The tears of joy flowed from my eyes
When she sneezed 'Yes - Achoo!"
-This stanza shows how much unconditional love the Earth gives us and how much she cares about us but, we take her for granted. We do nothing in return to show respect for her but, we think that we love her and take care of her. Having this stanza in there twice really helps to add emphasis to the message the author wants us to understand. Annotation of the Entire Poem The whole poem is about the environment and how we are slacking in how we take care of a problem we caused which would be global warming. We are OK with whatever we have to do to protect us from global warming but we are doing nothing to protect the earth. We would rather have gas masks so we could still keep our nice sports cars, but the earth doesn't get a gas mask. It takes all the damage. We would never give up our precious television even if that means we have to live in oxygen tents by the "Dirty River" that runs down the side of the "Garbage Mountains" 1916-1986 "Mr. Poet, the one who has written,
talked, taught, edited, translated,
anthologized, criticized, and propelled
poetry into a popular, lively art." It was down by the Dirty River It was high in the Garbage Mountains by John Ciardi
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