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bible project

ace face

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Baha'i

Baha'i Epistemology- Baha'i's are skeptics. They believe that god is beyond our ability to understand and it is impossible to understand. They appeal to intuition. Founder- Baha'ullah (1863) History Religious Practices-
-pray daily- both recited prayers and personal prayers
-spend each day in meditation
-Baha'i's House of Worship- gathering consists of prayers, music, and readings of scriptures of all religions; all religions welcome to House of Worship Key beliefs:
-there should be one government
-you shouldnt be prejudice
-women are fully equal to men
-the extremes between poverty and wealth should be eliminated
-each person can independantly search for truth
-everyone should be educated
-religion is in harmony with logic and science
-world peace is possible; so is international language
-world peace will someday come; it cannot be avoided
-their is two sides to this religion, social and spiritual
-God is impossible to understand so god sends us messages Statistics Apologetics Emily Carter, Andi, Basic Beliefs Metaphysics- Baha`i's believe god is eternal and they also believe in all the scriptures. They believe that all the gods from all religions are the same. They also believe that world peace is possible. Ethics- Baha`i's should live their life peaceful. They should go to extreme to love their neighbor as themselves. They work hard to get rid of prejudices and they believe that women and men are equal. They work to eliminate extremes between poverty and wealth and the follow Baha`ullah's teachings. They all treat each other as a big happy family and that attracts more followers. Important individuals- The Bab, Bahaullah, Abdul-Baha Internal Challenges (divisions)- The different beliefs controdict themselves. Important events- March 2-20- Month of fasting, March 21- Bahai New Year (New-Ruz), Ridvan Festival April 21-May 2, May 23- Declaration of Bab, May 29- Ascention of Bahaullah, November 26- Day of the Covenant, November 28- Ascention of Abdul-Baha External Challenges- Other beliefs believe Bahaullah and the Bab were false prophets. Holidays-9 holy days (work suspended)
-March 21- New Ruz
-May 23- Declaration of Bab
-May 29-Ascension of Baha'ullah
-July 9- Martyrdom of the Bab
-October 20- Birth of Bab
-November 12- Birth of Baha'ullah
-April 29- Ninth Day of Ridvan
-May 2- 12th day of Ridvan In 1991 there were about 5 million believers In 2012 about 7 million It is hard to keep track of the number of Baha'i's in the world because some countries banned Baha'i . No, we should not hold to this worldview. If the gods from all these different religions are the same god, then why are the messages from all of the prophets contradictory? Theres no explanation. The End, or is it????? Bahai Symbol Bahaullah Bahá'í Gardens in Haifa `Abdu'l-Bahá.
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