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Reconceptualizing and Renovating an Academic Business Library

Internet Librarian International 2012 - London, United Kingdom

Hal Kirkwood

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Reconceptualizing and Renovating an Academic Business Library

Presentation 20mins

2-3minsOverview of what we were and what we became
not buy anything, touch every item, move/shrink the collection
transitioned to = multi zone multi-functional student centered space

5min What makes us unique for changing space in a 21st cent library
our unique opportunity to work with architects, contractors, univ proj mgr, interior design, alumni/donors.

3minsImportance we placed on Krannert faculty for using learnlab
Importance of student preferences/involvement
- seating (created buy-in and interest in the students early on.
- vendor development and adjustments (couches, chairs, floor power boxes)

5mins Phased approach
timeline hiccups - flexibility b/w contractors and us.
- spaces not under construction remained open
- moving power/data in ph 3 advantage of raised flooring
learned the usage from ph 1 to ph 2 to ph 3 to result in a much better project
- umcc
- investment in infrastructure
- design will inevitably change

1-2 Ripple effect
the demand for the space by the sch of mgmt (dinners/events)
this knowledge will be used for other spaces across campus
resulted in placement on univ space planning cmtes
connection to univ-wide Impact inititiative
spaces in Hicks

did we accomplish...?
3 items from 2005 white paper

We are never done...
-continue to iterate and adjust

how can you create and leverage your relationships
Active Learning Activity? build into handout 2 floors in the School of Management building
~37,000 sq ft of space
~33,000 volumes of monographs and journals
~25 workstations in a public area In the twenty-first century, MEL, working as a dynamic partner with its major constituents,
will increase information literacy by:

(1) Providing access to and delivery of information to its constituents, regardless of location or time.

(2) Providing training and guidance to its constituents in the access and use of all information sources.

(3) Providing an open environment for promoting continuous learning. This community environment
will provide access to and guidance for the use of the totality of information that affects the learning
process of our constituents. Creation of a showcase space for a 21st Century Library

We are never done...
We continue to iterate & adjust...
New ripples are already underway...

Reconceptualizing and Renovating an Academic Business Library: 2005 Customer Derived Vision for the Management & Economics Library - White Paper Dec. - User Interfaces for Physical Spaces Workshop 2006 May - Tomalee Doan joins Purdue Libraries Comprehensive collection evaluation - no purchases except by request Work with architects, univ. project manager, asst. director for space planning to develop vision and concept of physical space Dec. - 1st Annual Design Institute - The Changing Design Landscape, Library Journal 2007 Use of saved funds to expand electronic resources Feb. - Compact storage built in Rawls Hall Acquired R&R funding for Phase 1: $25,000 from Libraries, $250,000 from University,
$500,000 from School of Management, and $500,000 from Dept. of Agricultural Economics Begin meeting with possible donors/alumni 2008 Design work begins on Phase 1 and 2 Continued meetings with donors/alumni May 2009 - Phase 1 construction begins Sept. - Phase 1 construction ends 2010 - Acquired R&R funding for Phase 2: $150,000 from Libraries and $150,000 from University Continued to communicate with donors/alumni and apply for grants 2010 May - Phase 2 construction begins Acquired donors (Fowler, Hollister) Sept - Phase 2 construction ends Oct - Acquired major donor (Roland G. Parrish) Feb 2011 - Secured Major Gift Design for Phase 3 continues: Intentionally different look & feel CLIR - Intermediate Participatory Design Workshop 2012 Feb - Phase 3 construction ends 2012 April - Dedication Corporate Quiet Study
3745 sq ft Collaborative Space
Financial Conference Room
Leadership Communications Center
3083 sq ft Information Desk
Cafe/Gathering Space
Flex Classroom
Study Areas
Print Collection
Faculty & Staff Offices
11,499 sq ft Total Project:
18,000+ sq ft 3 phase renovation: allowed for the creation of unique zones and functional adjacencies as well as iterative design over the project Key elements of the redesign: Student-centered Spaces: provided students with a variety of learning and collaborating spaces to
fit the 'Third Place' needs on campus. Innovative Design: impacted space design and placed the Libraries in discussions and planning of
learning spaces across campus All areas multi-functional: created a dynamic and flexible environment for researching, studying,
meeting, presentations, and courses Connections with constituents: provided space to the Undergraduate
Management Communication Center to intertwine the Library closer to the School of Management.
The LearnLab was key for expanding instructional opportunities. Conclusion Key goals of the 2005 Customer Derived Vision White Paper Purdue University's Roland G. Parrish Library of Management & Economics Presented at the Internet Librarian International Conference
Olympia Conference Centre, London, UK, Oct 30-31, 2012/ Assoc. Prof. Hal P. Kirkwood Jr.
Purdue University Libraries http://www.freefoto.com Library Browser Toolbar Information literacy & GS175-HTM - Required Course Increasing usage of LearnLab by non-Libraries Faculty Collaboration with the Leadership Communication Center in Phase 2 Began using Libguides 2011 May Phase 3 construction begins Begin introducing Spiceynode concept maps
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