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Jealousy In Othello

English II Shakespeare Project

Hayley Cusick

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Jealousy In Othello

Jealousy -noun, plural
mental uneasiness from suspicion or fear of rivalry, unfaithfulness, etc. In Shakespeare's Othello, jealousy it presented in many ways, and it could be argued that jealousy is infact the main theme behind the whole play as well. As Othello is far away from his love on a journey, he begins to grow anxious to see his wife. As more time passes, he begins to make up in his mind that she has been unfaithful to him while he was away. After Othello makes this assumption, the drama and excitement of the play picks up quickly, as the plot develops itself around the theme of jealousy. Text Connections Although Othello was written in the 16th century, problems that were caused by jealousy in the play are still occuring to this day. ...ever since Othello was written, many many other plays, books, songs and movies have been developed around the theme of jealousy as well. Like this, some songs are ironically similar to the situations and feelings that Shakespeare portrayed in his plays nearly 400 years ago. The previous examples of jealousy given delt with love, but many other situations in daily life that involve jealousy deal with friendship as well. .. in fact, jealousy that is often brought up in friendship was dealt with in a book that we read previously this year. In A Seperate Peace, two friends struggled to stay as close as they once had been, and the whole story revolved around the downfall of their relationship due to jealousy. THE END
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