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Egg Osmosis

No description

Symphony Smith

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Egg Osmosis

Egg Osmosis Osmosis is a process in which a fluid passes through a semipermeable membrane, moving from an area in which a solute such as salt is present in low concentrations to an area in which the solute is present in high concentrations. The end result of osmosis, barring external factors, will be equal amounts of fluid on either side of the barrier, creating a state which is known as “isotonic.” Diffusion is the tendency of molecules to spread into an available space. Without other outside forces at work, substances will diffuse from a more concentrated environment to a less concentrated environment. Isotonic solution is a concentration of solution inside and outside the cell are equal. The water diffuses inside and outside of cell, and the shape stays the same.
Hypotonic Solution is concentration that is lower outside the cell than inside. The water moves inside the cell to equalize the concentration.
Hypertonic solution is a solution that has higher osmotic pressure (or has more solutes). Data Table Mass of the egg Egg Mass of cup Mass of egg + cup Mass of egg
1 4grams 68 64
2 4grams 72 68 Change in egg mass after soaking in liquids Liquid Initial mass of egg Final mass of egg Change in mass

200mL water 68 83 15

200mL of water 72 85 13
+salt <3 BY <3 Ana Erika Margo Symphony The two eggs are isotonic because they all stayed the same, and they really didn't change.

Source Of Errors
1- Not enough salt
2- Measure/weighed wronged
3- Read the Data wrong
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