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HW: China Together Again

No description

Luke Bailey

on 5 December 2017

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Transcript of HW: China Together Again

HW: China Together Again
Fall of Han
-Han Dynasty falls 220 A.D., largely due to barbarian incursions/internal conflict/disease.

-Northern nomads get EVERYWHERE and start assimilating (kind of)

-Huge migration of Chinese southward
Sui Dynasty
-China reunifies in 589 under tyrannical Sui Dynasty

-Accomplished a massive canal network that sets up later prosperity

-Ultimately falls due to wasting money (tried to conquer Korea) and is replaced by Tang in 618 (what does this remind you of?)
Tang and Song
-"Cultural golden age" (lots of new inventions)

-Confucianism re-emerges (lost popularity after fall of Han) is blended with Doaism/Buddhism

-Massive expansion of Academy System, more government positions and rigor in testing
New things!
Better rice (thanks Vietnam)
Coal: not new but using more
Oh also better ships
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