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No description

Katie Castor

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Stargirl

by: Jerry Spinelli
By: Katie Castor
Jerry Spinelli
The story took place in a made up town in Arizona called Mica. Most of Mica is a desert. There is no soil, only sand. Many characters attend Mica High School. Often, the characters "Leo" and "Stargirl" go to the desert to watch the sunset and be alone, far away from everyone else.
Jerry Spinelli was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania on February 1, 1941. On May 21, 1977, he married a woman named Eileen Mesi. He later had 6 children with his wife. Yet, it wasn't until 1982 when his first book got published, "Space Station Seventh Grade." In 1991, Spinelli received his first Newberry Award and received another in 1998. Jerry's most recent book, "Hokey Pokey," was published in 2013. He currently lives in Norristown, Pennsylvania, with his wife, and continues to write children's books.
Stargirl Callaway
Stargirl's real name is Susan Julia Caraway. She calls herself Stargirl and is in the 10th grade at Mica High School. At school, she is seen as mysterious and different from the other students.
Archie Brubaker
Archie is a retired professor who had known Stargirl long before she went to Mica High. On Saturdays, he holds "The Loyal Order of the Stone Bone," where he teaches students about fossils and archeology.
AnnaSophia Robb
Brendan Robinson
Leo Borlock
Leo Borlock is an average student at Mica High School. He thought about Stargirl a lot of the time. He wanted to understand her. He and his best friend, Kevin, set up and ran a popular television program at the school called "Hot Seat."
Morgan Freeman
Kevin Quinlan
Kevin is Leo's best friend. He is also a student at Mica High. He and Leo ran a television show called "Hot Seat," where they interview fellow students and broadcast it that evening.
Zach Roerig
Hillari Kimble
Hillari made a hypothesis that Stargirl was a plant at the beginning of the school year. She is the most popular girl in school. She is popular for 3 things: her mouth, the Hoax (which was when she made the cheerleading squad, then didn't join), and her boyfriend, Wayne Parr.
Holland Roden
Stargirl's pet rat who cleans people's ears by licking them. Stargirl carries him everywhere with her, except for when she calls herself "Susan."
Wayne is the most popular boy at Mica High. He is Hillari Kimble's boyfriend. When he was on "Hot Seat," he said he wanted to be a GQ model.
Wayne Parr
Trevor Donovan
A ninth-grader who wrote poetry. Nobody knew her until she sat with Stargirl at lunch.
Eden Sher
Dori Dilson
A man who works at Mica High who drove Stargirl and Leo to the oratorical competition in Phoenix. He stayed with them throughout the competition, then drove them back to school.
Mr. McShane
Matthew Davis
Plot Diagram
Rising Action
Falling Action
Leo's uncle gives him his porcupine necktie before he moves to Arizona. He received another one in the mail, but it did not say who it was from. A new girl, Stargirl, goes to Mica High.
Stargirl is different from everyone else at school.
No one understands her, so Kevin & Leo ask Archie about her.
People like Stargirl, so they copy what she does and becomes the most popular girl in school.
Kevin and Leo put Stargirl on "Hot Seat," but it is so bad that it cannot be released.
Stargirl cheers for the other basketball team, which causes their team to lose, so someone throws a tomato at her face. She then bcomes unpopular.
Leo's valentine from Stargirl says "I LOVE YOU."
Leo & Stargirl fall in love, then kiss. Everyone shuns them.
Stargirl puts up "STARGIRL LOVES LEO" posters, causing Leo to tell her to be normal.
Stargirl becomes a normal girl named Susan, her real name, but the shunning continues.
Stargirl dreams of winning the oratorical contest, making the shunning stop.
She won the oratorical contest, but no one cared, so she became Stargirl again.
Leo gets mad at Stargirl for not being like everyone else and breaks up with her.
Leo does not ask Stargirl to the Ocotillo Ball, but she goes alone anyway.
Someone dances with Stargirl at the Ball.
No one ever sees Stargirl again and everyone grows up.
When Leo visits Mica from college, Archie shows him Stargirl's office, which was in his house. The things she kept in her office were how she knew so much about everybody and learns that she sent him the necktie.
Leo comes back to Mica again and finds that Archie and all of his belongings are gone.
15 years later, Mica High ends up honoring everything Stargirl did in high school, that everyone shunned her for.
Leo Borlock
At the beginning of the story, Leo was afraid to tell Stargirl he liked her. He was a coward. In chapter 16 when Leo walks to Stargirl's house, the story says, "Suddenly the front door opened. I dived behind the car in the driveway and crouched by the rear fender," this proves that he chickened out of doing things that were not necessarily easy. At the end of the book, Leo tells Kevin and Stargirl that he is no longer afraid, "Susan suggested that I should go on 'Hot Seat' one of these days, and Kevin said no, he's too shy, and I said not anymore." He was not afraid anymore because of all of the attention he is getting, even though no one speaks to him, because of Stargirl.
I would reccomend "Stargirl" in a heartbeat. It is one of those books that gives impetus to comparison of your life to life inside the story. Towards the beginning of the book, the sudents of Mica High seemed rude and unreasonable, and I could never imagine kids being that cruel to a peer as to shun and ignore them, yet talk nonstop behind their backs. However, I have discovered that the characters of the students are only slightly exaggerated. "Stargirl" is a must read for every teenage girl. Between its realistic situations, crucial life lessons, unusual plot line, relatable characters, and romantic twists, "Stargirl" is definately one of the top five best books I've ever read.
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