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The Fourth Stall

A boy named Christian Barret code name "Mac" and his best friend Vince, run a business in a stall in an abandoned stall in the boys bathroom, but when a kid comes to them for them to solve on of their biggest cases, things are put on the lines for the two

Zachary Sullivan

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of The Fourth Stall

The Fourth Stall Written by: Chris Rylander. Project by: Zac Sullivan The main characters are Mac, Vince, and Staples. The story takes place in the fourth stall in the boys bathroom, at school during the day time, in present time. The novel "The Fourth Stall" written by Chris Rylander is a must read chapter book! This suspensful novel is about two sixth grade boys who are best friends named Vince and Christian-or he likes to be called Mac, runs a business in an abandoned boys bathroom in the fourth stall to the window. Their business is very successful helping out and solving students's problems they have. However, when a little boy comes running into Mac's "office," what Mac and Vince thought would be one of the easiest cases they would ever turns out to be the exact oppisite of what they thought. This big case that Mac and Vince accept to solve changes everything for the two friends, and their business, and friendship is put in danger and the two frineds don't know if they can survive this case. When Mac and Vince hear about their new case, they are frozen in fear because the case is about the little kid getting bullied by a guy named Staples who Vince and Mac thought didn't exist from all the horrible stories they heard him. However, when they realize staples is not even close to being part of a fairy tale their business and their friendship is put at risk. The genre of the book the Fourth Stall is fiction because of the way the author explains the way bullies bully the kids in this story is really stretched and how much money Vince and mac is making is way too high of an amount. The theme of this story is Yin and Yang because once Vince and Mac take care of one problem, they encounter another. My opinion of the book "The Fourth Stall" written by Chris Rylander would be a ten. I highly recomend this book to any person at any age because this is a suspensful book that makes you want to keep reading it. It is a must read! I would love to see this awesome book as a movie for one reason: if someone didn't get a chance to read this book than they could see it as a movie where things from the book is more easy to vizualize. A dynamic character would be staples because in the beginning staples beat up kids for their money and he gambled but in the end when staples was taken down by Mac and his "gang" staples became more humble. A static character would be Vince who stays the same; smart and a Chicago Cubs fanatic. THE END
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