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Oregon Trail, Santa Fe Trail, and Gold Rush (1849)

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Kelli Mitchell

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Oregon Trail, Santa Fe Trail, and Gold Rush (1849)

Oregon Trail, Santa Fe Trail, and Gold Rush (1849)
By: Kelli, Derek, & Harley
Oregon Trail, Cont.
People weren't able to take many supplies.
They were able to take was food and a gun to hunt along the way.
It took about five months to make the journey.
Starts in Missouri, goes through Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, and ends in Oregon.
The Oregon Trail.
It was a 2,200 mile wagon trail.
The main method of transportation was a covered wagon.
Cholera, bad weather, and accidents from trying to move wagons over mountianus terrain were the main causes of death.
Santa Fe Trail.
19th-century transportation route through central North America.
Pioneered in 1821
Franklin Missouri- Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Santa Fe Trail, Cont.
Vital commercial and military highway until the railroad.
1846- U.S. invasion route to New Mexico. Mexican-American War.
The trail played a huge role of the U.S. expansion.
Helped open the region to U.S. economic development and settlement, playing a vital role in the expansion of the U.S. into the lands it had acquired
Santa Fe Trail, Contd.
open the reigon to U.S. economic development and settlement.
Pedro Vial poineered- 1792
officially established in 1821.
The trail was used to haul manufactured goods from the state of Missouri to Santa Fe.
Railroad- 1863.
Oregon Trail, Cont.
You would have to pay an insane amounts of money for some water because it was very scarce.
Kids played with cow dung like frisbees, also used it as fuel because it burned well.
If someone died, they were buried fast because they were scarce on time, which caused a few people to be buried alive.
The Gold Rush.
It is one of the most significant events to shape American History during the first half of the 19th century.
Gold miners from all over traveled to Cali in search for gold.
The Gold Rush.
• Got more then 750,000 pounds of gold during the rush
• 100$ for precious glass of water!
• Traffic on the Oregon trail was so intense they had to wear goggles to protect from dust!
The Gold Rush.
• James Wilson Marshall a saw mill operator, and carpenter was the first to find the gold!
Levi Strauss sold trousers he made and made huge profit(levis)!
The 49ers.
It was found in the American river of California in 1848!
A total of 2$ billion worth of precious metal was taken from the area.
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