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Excursion 2015

No description

madelin michel

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Excursion 2015

Museum of the Altagracia
Altagracia museum is a religious and cultural event of the first marian devotion of America. Six rooms summarize the history and religious essence of Dominican Republic.
Altos of Chavon
Is an old Mediterranean villa built on a height above the Chavon river in the Dominican Republic. It hosts a cultural center, the National Archeological Museum, and called the city of artists.
Cave of wonders
Is a protected area in the eastern part of the islan La española, specifically in the Caribbean country Dominican Republic area. It is known for its ancient paintings by the Taino Indians.
Basilica of Huguey
Excursion 2015

Presentado por:
Madelin Perez #23
Yeni Castillo #8

The basilica was inaugurated on january 21st 1971. This religious monument bears the name of the Virgin of Altagracia, patroness of the dominican people.
At the beginning and the end of the excursion everything was amazing. Meet these places was very awesome because this country is beautiful.

It was an enriching and educational nice experience because we learned about tourism in our country.

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