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Google Docs

Technology Assignment on Google Docs

Wendy Yao

on 12 August 2010

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Transcript of Google Docs

Google Documents What is Google Docs? The Logo It's an online document creation/storage service from Google 5 types of Google Docs These things here Documents Presentations Stupid spellcheck! Spreadsheets Drawing Form Sharing Instant Collaborative Editing Chat How can Google Docs
be used in schools? Collaborative class notes or mind maps Interactive presentations There are many more possibilities But there are negatives too Plagiarisim "This sentence looks cool.
I think I'll use it myself." "Hmm I wonder what this chat box can do..." Finally... Everything's online! The results are put in a spreadsheet, which can also be seen as a chart You can also see
who's viewing Distractions An online Maths Clinic "Oh no I don't have internet!" Offline Annotating English online
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