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Hitler Youth

No description

Rachel Simmons

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Hitler Youth

The Hitler Youth Background In 1926, the Nazis formed the Hitler Youth as a means of brainwashing
Germany's young people into hating the Jews and following Hitler's orders without question. Although it was originally all boys, a girl's division was added in 1931. This division was called the
Bund Deutscher Madel or the Band of German Girls. Children entered the Hitler Youth at age ten and stayed until age eighteen. The children were separated into
two different groups by age. Ages ten through fourteen were in one group while ages fifteen through
eighteen were in another. Uniform The children enrolled in the Hitler Youth had to wear a certain uniform to proudy display that they were a part
of the organization. The uniform basically consisted of a brown shirt and short black pants. It varied slightly over time but the basic elements remained the same. Some variations of the uniform included some members of the boy's division wearing a swastika armband. Also the option of white knee socks or ankle socks, and the different badges sewn onto the uniform varied from each member of the organization. For Boys For Girls Expectations The real task of the boys' division was to prepare
young men to be in the German army. In the Hitler Youth, boys were taught how to march, bayonet drills, grenade throwing,
trench digging, map reading, gas defence, pistol shooting and how to get under barbed wire. Activities Because Hitler believed that physical strength was more important than mental ability,
the Hitler Youth boys participated in many outdoor and strength-building activities. The youth did many physical conditioning activites. They also went to field trips to rallies
to stir up national enthusiasm. Uniform The summer uniform for girls was made up of a white button-down shirt, a
navy blue skirt and a black neckercheif. In the winter, girls wore a "climbing jacket", an overcoat, and the same skirt
as the summer uniform. White cotton ankle socks and sturdy lace-up shoes
were the regulation footwear for the members
of the BDM. Expectations The purpose of the BDM was to raise German girls and educate them on how to be good housewives. The girls were expected to be able to make a bed, run 60 meters in 14 seconds, throw a ball 12 meters, complete a 2 hour march
and swim 100 meters. Activities Most girls in the BDM also did the belief and beauty society. The Belief and Beauty Society taught dancing, gymnasctics textile arts like sewing, and classes on childcare. The girls were also instructed and earned badges in medical
services like nursing.
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