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Data Jorunalist

No description

chase newell

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Data Jorunalist

Data Journalist
By Chase Newell
Right There Magazine
The data set is one from the provided data sets.
The data set is about who has the fastest internet speed. I made the article in magazine setting from the point of view of a reporter who likes using the words right and there hence Right There Magazine.
I would like my data set to present the situation and the setting of a small magazine newspaper which is publishing a simple article about internet speed with enthusiasm.
The numbers are
They are all numbers.
They are all in the thousands.
They should be accurate.
I analyzed it to an extent. The numbers decrease with no huge jumps. There are two pairs. 3, 3 and 17, 17. When I analyzed it I basically looked at it. I looked at the numbers. I did not analyze it in a huge way. Mostly I just looked at the information that was there and found it worked pretty well.
The story
Right There Magazine 2014 Feb 21
Big news today. The internet and its fastest speeds. Look at that chart! It shows the data YOU want to know. I am guessing right there, but I hope its more of paraphrasing because I know that all you folks are going to be saying stuff in the manner of “Look at this chart! It shows the data I want to know”. The “you” replacing the “I” right there is paraphrasing thank you folks. If you pay close attention to this chart right next to this article the countries names are right there you think about that for a second there. South Korea's got the fastest, and Lithuania is coming up pretty close to them right there. Latvia is the next one right past the two we just talked about. Delaware is the one that comes after all three of those and right next to Latvia. Belgium right there near Latvia. They are basically tied right there. The U.S. is next. I hope that improves for our country in the future right there in the future too. If you see Alaska as the next one you are right, right, and right. Yes folks 3 times the right right right. Serbia is also right there next to the Alaskan state. Now I bet you are tired of looking at all of this, but I am sure you found in fun and interesting. Right Right Right. This has been a news story written by Write Rightmen.

The end
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