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2011 Fundraiser Sponsors 2

No description

Janna Charles

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of 2011 Fundraiser Sponsors 2

Voices for Humanity
2011 Sponsors

Silver Sponsors
Henry & Sandra Friedman
Hal & Inge Marcus
George J. Elbaum & Mimi Jensen
Patricia "Ditty" Goldberg z"l
Nathan & Marcie Fox
Bronze Sponsors
Allan Steinman & Diane Sigel-Steinman
Laurie Warshal Cohen & Michael Cohen
Gene & Mindy Printz-Kopelson
Jon Newman & Naomi Weiss Newman
Magda Schaloum
Miriam Greenbaum
George & Carolyn Cox
Sharon Nov & Family
George Beykovsky
Krijn & Judy DeJonge
Arlene B. Ehrlich
Joann & Carl Bianco
Drs. Michael & Wendy Spektor
Rachel Nathanson & Kevin Conley
Rabbi Jim & Julie Mirel
Steve Pruzan & Janet Abrams
Jewish Club of Washington
Herb & Lucy Pruzan
Thomas Blatt
Sarah Lindsley & Josh Isgur
Thank you for your support!
Thank you to our
Gold Sponsors
Thank you to our
Thank you to our
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