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No description

Itahisa Barrios

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Glasses

THE GLASSES Hi! I'm Sponge Bob and i'm going to talk anout the glasses. First we are going to answer some questions... Has the name any relationship with the product?
-Yes, because the glasses are made of glass. Do you know the product by its name or by its brand ?
-I know the product by its name. Is the name of the product given by its author or by the product itself?
-The name of the product is given by the product itself. What are the main uses of the product? Besides those ones, can it be used for other purposes?
-Yes, the glasses can, also, protect our eyes from the sun, from the water, allow us to see movies in 3D... THE DESIGN +Well, Sandy! Can you continue? -Yes, of course! I'm going to talk about the uses. -Ooh! Patrick! What do you want? +I want to talk about the design! Types of glasses: Types of glasses: round glasses square glasses heart glasses 3D glasses contact lenses triangular glasses glass glasses ass sunglasses glasses to disguise Parts of glasses : The views What could happen to the product if we’ll increase or reduce it size?
-That if you increase the size of glasses you can't move very well and the glasses fall. If you reduce the size of the glasses you can't see anything. water glasses +Planckton! Do you want to tell us something? How does the product work globally?
-The product is used around the world. How does the product work globally?
-The glasses works around the world. What are the functions of the different parts of the product and how do they work together?
-The main function of the glasses is refract or converge light before it reaches the cornea in order to correct either farsightedness or nearsightedness. Them each part of the glasses do other functions, for example, the earpiece keeps the glasses. +Squidward Tentacles! I must to planning something terrible...So continue! -Grrr...F*ck! Well...I must to tell you the materials... The glass of the glasses are made of mineral glass and the mount can be made of a lot of materials, but normally are made of plastic or metal. -Yes, of course! I want to talk about how the glasses work. +Well, Mrs. Krabs I finish...Bye-bye! -Mmm...I'm going to talk about the money! How much will it cost to manufacture the product and how much will it sell for in the shops?
-It's is depend of the material that is used to make it. -Hey Gary! I must to count my money...It's your turn. -Miau* Needs that intended to meet: health care, feeding, dressing, education, housing, life quality, free time, environmental improvements, communications…(Miau*)
-This product is used to health care, to life quality and more needs. Besides those ones, can it be used for other purposes? Besides those ones, can it be used for other purposes? -Sandy said it before...but I can repeat that. The glasses can, also, protect our eyes from the sun, from the water, allow us to see movies in 3D...(Miau*) -Hey, Gary! I was on the optics and I must to wear glasses...
-I think that the glasses are very important because without them many people would not see the beautiful places of our world is formed. I'm back to talk about the history of the glasses! What was used BEFORE the product?-Before the glasses was used... pince-nez impertinent monocle medialunas When was used for the first time?
-In Europe, the glasses were used for the first time in Florentine, Italy invented by Salvino degli Armati in 1285. How do you see its future?-I think in the future the glasses were not used because there will be contact lenses that will take away the absence of view. Here you can see some links! http://www.tendencias21.net/Google-crea-las-primeras-gafas-con-realidad-aumentada_a11008.html http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gafas http://www.howstuffworks.com/search.php?terms=glasses http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/glasses?s=t This is all! BYE-BYE AND THANKS!!! -Miau*
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