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Nature of Matter: Intro

What causes an object to have certain characteristics/ state of matter? How can we change the characteristics/state of matter/particles motion?

Sarah LaVan

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Nature of Matter: Intro

What causes an object to have specific characteristics? How can we change the particulate motion (thus, characteristics & state)? Observe your objects' characteristic properties
Organize/classify them by thees characteristics What do you notice?
Commonalities? Differences in characteristic properties? Characteristic Properties Closer look at Causes of
Characteristic Properties What does the typical "3 state classification" not account for? How might this help? Where would you place the following? Why?
Hand sanitizer
Based on your observations, what might be causing the water to behave this way?
What can you tell about the particules? Activities with Water... Water:
Back Together Animation of Particles Pulling it all together? How apply to solids and gases? Is the speed of H2O molecules different in hot and cold water? Draw Particles

Animation of Particles: Cold and Hot Water Animation of Molecules in Thermometer
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