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Who viewed your profile

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Manel Soltani

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Who viewed your profile

LinkedIn Professional community guidelines
There are many discussions going on on LinkedIn. The staff of LinkedIn created a set of rules that members must follow to create a safe environment. Basically, it's a list of Do's and Dont's. Members must be real, be professional, be nice, respect other's rights and follow the law and respect LinkedIn's rights.
Who viewed your profile
The "who's viewed your profile" feature helps you know who's been on your page and you can see if an employer has seen your LinkedIn account. You can of course change what others can see and block people from seeing that you've seen their profile. LinkedIn gives you a lot of choices on privacy issues and helps you be secured on the net.
Privacy settings work for teens
LinkedIn wants to "help safeguard teens' online experience" so they have a high level of privacy. The birthdate of teens younger than 18 is not publicly shown and is only visible to them. The profile picture will only be visible by first degree connections meaning people who they know and are already connected with. Teens under 18 also won't see their profiles on the web (google,bing,yahoo) or other websites that are partners with LinkedIn. Teens can, however, change their privacy settings bur are urged to look at the "managing their account settings" page.
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