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The Salem Witch Trials

No description

Elizabeth Chavez

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of The Salem Witch Trials

Elizabeth Chavez & Brady Mitchell. 6th hour.
The Salem Witch Trials
Senator Joe McCarthy & McCarthyism:
The accuser is Senator Joe McCarthy.
The Accused:
He accused innocent citizens he believed were associated with communism. Including men, women, and children.
The accused & the motivation:
The accused could be pretty much anyone but they mostly aimed for Americans.
The accused & the motivation:
The Motivation & the ending:
The motivation for McCarthyism was all for fear. After the take-down of Hitler, he believed that there was another threat, Communism.
The accused were the 19 women hanged in front of the village.
The motivation for this was that young girls began to experience uncontrollable spasms and then people from Salem Village began being accused.
The accuser(s) in The Salem Witch Trials were settlers in Salem Village.
The trials continue:
The trials continued for another 7 years or so, and nearly 200 more men, women, and children began being accused.
For example, Martha Corleys husband was pressed to death by stones for not testifying against his wife.
It did not end well for the Senator though, people started realizing that it was just a modern-day witch hunt and would not stand for watching innocent people being accused and killed.
The Red Scare:
The accusers in The Red Scare were Americans accusing other Americans.
The motivation was to make the Communist party afraid.
The Ending of The Red Scare:
The ending of The Red Scare left distrust in the American population and lots of anger towards one another for many years.
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