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Lab Practical

No description

Phillip Zook

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Lab Practical

Class Aplacophora worm-like molluscs; no shell Class Monoplacophora Phylum Mollusca one-segment shell (though looks like more) Class Polyplacophora "chitins" 8-segment shells Class Gastropoda Subclass Prosobranchia Subclass Opisthobranchia Subclass Pulmonata gills in front
majority marine gastr. mostly saltwater,
also some fresh snails,
simple shell,
not coiled snails and slugs that can breath air Class Bivalvia Class Cephalopoda 2 rounded valves on hinge bilateral
prominent head
modified foot Class Scaphopoda Lophophorates Phylum Phoronida Trimeric, enterocoelic, vermiform
Gut is U-shaped, anus close to mouth
One pair metanephridia in metasome
Closed circulatory system
Dioecious or hermaphroditic
Unusally with actinotroch larva
Marine benthic tube dwellers
Phylum Ectoprocta trimeric, enterocoelic, colonial
Gut U-shaped
Typical circulatory & excretory structures absent
Colonies by asexual budding
Sessile in marine and freshwater habitats Phylum Brachiopoda trimeric, enterocoelic
enclosed between two shells
attached to ground by stalk or pedicle
Gut U-shaped; anus present or absent
Most dioecious
Solitary, benthic, marine sea slugs
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