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Mr Rayner's 4 Ps of Geography

Visual representation of 4 core concepts of Geography and the connections between them.

Max Rayner

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Mr Rayner's 4 Ps of Geography

Mr Rayner's 4 Ps
of Geography Pattern How places, people and processes are 'distributed'. Question: Where do most people in China live? Answer: In the South East of the country Pattern
People Question: What months are the hottest in the UK? Answer: June, July and August Place The locations and spaces that people, patterns and processes occupy Question: Where is the highest spot on Earth? Answer: Mount Everest, Nepal People Live in places, make patterns and can change both through processes Do you know where this man lives? Process The ways that people and the natural world change and interact with places, making patterns What is happening here?
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