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Roots Prezi Heroes Journey

Mike, Zoey, Tom

Mike Landman

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Roots Prezi Heroes Journey

Heroes Journey Catching Fire,
Enders Game The World Of Common Day Similarities: They are both set in the
future. The Call To Adventure Refusal To The Call Meeting With The Mentor Crossing The First Threshold Tests, Allies and Enemies Approach To The Inmost Cave The Supreme Ordeal Katniss' life takes place in the country of Panem that contains 12 districts, she is currently living in District 12 which is the district of coal mining. She lives with her mom and her sister and goes hunting in the woods with her best friend Gale. Every year all 12 districts take part in a reaping that draws two randomly selected men and woman between the ages twelve to eighteen. The two chosen tributes will be placed in an arena with 22 other tributes throughout the other 11 districts. When Katniss' little sister is called in her first year of being in the reaping, Katniss volunteers and takes her little sisters place. Even though Katniss is volunteering herself to take place in the viscous games, she is quickly realizing how much she will miss her little sister and all of her other friends back in District 12. This is how she shows refusal to the call. Soon after her daring action in volunteering to be tribute, Katniss is sent away on a train towards Panems capitol, "Capitol". On the train ride there, she meets with her mentor, Haymitch. He was a previous victor in one of the games before Katniss was alive. His job is to keep her alive and try to gain sponsorships throughout the games. When Katniss is preparing for the games in the Capitol, she has crossed one of her biggest thresholds. She has now entered into a "world" that is different than what she is used to. The main threshold Katniss crosses is being brought up by the platform into the arena where she now has to survive and adapt to a new setting. Katniss faces many tests, allies and enemies such as:
-Peeta and Haymitch
-Finnick and Mags
-Beetee and Wiress
-The Careers (Gloss, Cashmere, Brutus, Enobaria)
-The Gamemakers and President Snow The point when everyone and everything seems to turn at the "end" of the Quarter Quell is the approach to the inmost cave. Johanna attacks Katniss and she's on the verge of feeling like she's about to die. Everything happens very fast and all Katniss wants is to find Peeta while also staying alive. The supreme ordeal is when the Quarter Quell has basically ended. Katniss and Finnick are "saved" or rescued by Haymitch and Plutarch, who claim it was their plan from the beginning to save them (and Peeta). Although Peeta, Johanna and Enobaria were taken by the Capitol. Enders Game takes place in the near future, he
lives somewhere in America with his parents,
brother and sister. Every child when they are young has to get
a monitor that connects to the back of their
neck. What the monitor does is it allows the
government to see and hear everything that you do.
The reason for that is that there is a war coming
and they have to pick kids who they think are
suitable to go to a special military school that is in space called battle school and train them so one day they will be the best soldier that they can be. But normally 99% of the kids don't get called to go to the battle school. But when Ender gets his monitor off a colonel from the army and invites him to go to battle school. Ender was shocked to hear that he has been
picked. He is only six years old and he is very
afraid to learn to fight and also sad because
he has to leave his sister. But Ender willingly
left with the colonel. Ender met his mentor when he was asked
to go to battle school. The colonel that asked
him, later came to him on the ship up to battle
school and introduced himself as Graff. He
is the leader of the battle school and he tries
to make other people not like Ender so he
realizes he will not have assistance in wars.
And that ends up helping him in the end. Ender's first threshold is when he is on
the plane up to battle school. For one
thing he is nervous and sad that he is
leaving his family. He also notices that
all the kids look a lot older than him and
are talking to each other. Ender was
just keeping to himself so he thinks he won't
fit in and will also make some enemies. Allies: Enemies:
Alai -Bonzo
Shen - Bernard

A test that Ender had to do was to fight
Bonzo. Ender's inmost cave was when he
was leaving battle school and going to
command school. They had to stop at earth
and when they were there Ender had no
motivation to keep going, and so Graff had
brought Ender's sister to talk to him and keep
him going. The supreme ordeal in Ender's Games
is when he is in command school and
it is his last test. His test is a game where
he controls ships and commands other
people. But his final test he was out
numbed a thousand to one and he used
the tactic all or nothing, he moved all his
ships to attack the enemy plant and he
killed a lot of his men but he destroyed
the planet. Differences: Ender does not live in a
enclosed town, and Katniss does. Similarities: Kids/people are chosen to do some sort of battle or fight. Differences: There is no strict age limit when the kids in The Enders Game have to get a monitor in the back of their neck. While in the Hunger Games, when you are entered in the reaping, you have to be in between the ages 12 and 18. Similarities: Both Ender and Katniss are chosen/going into some sort of battle or fight and they both question it. Along with feeling extreme sadness about leaving their sisters. Differences: In the Hunger games, Katniss isn't scared to learn and fight, she is more worried and afraid about leaving her sister, when Ender is very scared to learn and fight. Similarities: They both met
their mentors while they were
getting transported somewhere. Differences: Haymmich was
trying to get people to like
Katniss, but Graff was trying
to get people not to like Ender Similarities: Both Katniss and Ender are venturing into a place they do not know. Many new allies and enemies are met along the way. Differences: Katniss is entering a training center with a friend, Peetah, a mentor, Haymitch, and a stylist, Cinna. On the other hand, Ender only has Graff for support and all of the other kids are foreign enemies to him. Similarities: Katniss and
Ender meet a lot of allies
and enemies. Differences: Ender does not
meet a lot enemies. But
Katniss has enemies and meets
new ones. Similarities: They are both the lowest and most exciting parts in the story. Differences: Katniss' life was in
danger but Enders life was safe Similarities: Both Katniss
and Enders supreme ordeal
were extreme turning points in the story Differences: Katniss only lost 1 person she cared about, Peetah. On the other hand, Ender lost many men in his last battle. Hidden
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