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CrossFit Libertyville High School

No description

Joyce Kleinheinz

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of CrossFit Libertyville High School

CrossFit Libertyville High School
Personal Introductions
How did we get where we are today? =
CrossFit Libertyville High School
CrossFit Libertyville High School
Fortunate to have administration support
Department head who supported a new curriculum and the trial and error that comes with it
Physical education department that was willing to make changes and learn the fundamentals of CrossFit
Financial ability to become certified and purchase new equipment
Scott Schinto
Carrie Niemet
Joyce Amann
PE staff began to CrossFit before and after school as a personal workout
Began to really enjoy it and see the benefits
Students began to ask what the PE teachers were doing before and after school and a few students began to join the teachers in the workouts
CrossFit Gyms
Joyce joined CrossFit Carbon and Carrie joined CrossFit Defined
Began to take our soccer program on Saturdays to CrossFit Carbon and took our weight lifting classes as a field trip
Feedback from the soccer team and the field trip was excellent!
CrossFit Libertyville High School
Students were given 2 choices of workouts in weight lifting class...a normal weight lifting workout and a CrossFit WOD
Students began to choose the CrossFit WOD more!
Got approval for 3 staff members to attend a CrossFit level 1 certification
This certification allows you to "legally" coach/teach CrossFit and use the branded name and terminology
CrossFit Kids
Joyce attended IAHPERD in 2011 and CrossFit Kids had a booth
Spoke with a staff member from CrossFit Kids who was excited to hear what we were doing and where we were going with CrossFit
Exchanged phone numbers and 2 hours later Joyce got a phone call and CrossFit Kids offered 3 free CrossFit Kids certification to our Level 1 staff for the next CrossFit Kids Certification...in 3 weeks in San Diego, CA.
So with the support from administration, we flew out to San Diego and received our CrossFit Kids Certification from the original CrossFit Kids box, Brand X.
To Get The Word Out...
Waukegan High School
Doing great things with CrossFit already!
Spent several professional development days at Waukegan High School learning from them and working with them
Developed a fantastic relationship with Waukegan/Mo
Bounce ideas/thoughts...how do you do this? and that?
CrossFit Club
The teachers were working out after school anyways...why not let the students join!
Took off like we could have never imagined!
Teachers ended up losing their ability to work out after school but gained 30-40 students on any given day who came to work hard!
CrossFit Summer Camp
7:00-8:30am Monday-Thursday
6 weeks of the summer
Best part...these kids got up everyday on their summer vacation to workout, not a camp for their "sport" but just to workout!
How CF works in PE at LHS...
Introductory 4 week unit in freshmen and sophomore PE
Terminology and basic movements taught

Weight Lifting
Weight training teaches proper weight training techniques with a variety of workouts that incorporate CF methodology three days a week
CrossFit Class
Currently have three classes during the day (Soph-Seniors)
Focused solely on CrossFit methodology
Day in the life of CrossFit:
Students come in and complete individual warm-up
Then complete group warm-up
Then depending on day:
Strength & WOD
Strength only
WOD only
What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Kids
CrossFit Mobility
CrossFit Endurance
CrossFit Olympic Lifting
CrossFit Strongman
CrossFit Gymnastics

CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Kids
CrossFit Mobility
CrossFit Strongman
CrossFit Gymnastics
Concept 2

CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Kids
CrossFit Mobility
CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Strongman
Concept 2
Why CrossFit Works in PE...
Kids get bored! "Routine is the enemy"
CrossFit is about the unknown and unknowable
Physical education classes consists of all physical ability levels
In CrossFit "everything is scalable"
You are able to have students doing pull-ups working right next to students doing banded pull-ups next to students doing jumping pull-ups and so forth
= Everyone Successful!!
Limited time in PE classes for activity
Majority of CrossFit workouts fall within a 10-15 minute time frame
Progress can be easily charted/data collected - Literacy Assessment!
Minimal equipment and space needed to be successful
Contact Information/Resources


Local Affiliates
At one point, CrossFit Club was outgrowing our available space
Contacted local affiliate, CrossFit Freedom
Opened their doors for us to host our after school club there for an hour
Literacy Assessment
Large push for this in schools across all subject areas
We want our CrossFit kids to reflect on their workouts, their efforts and how they felt
Their CrossFit journals allow us as teachers to assess the students but also to assess ourselves
Students are given a choice of a typical journal (shown on previous slide) or an online journal. We use a software called Beyond the Whiteboard (http://beyondthewhiteboard.com/)

Fill out an application, including an essay
Provide your level 1 and CrossFit Kids staff
Review a contract (send to school lawyer)
Insurance approval
FREE - non-for-profit affiliate
Link you to a website on their mainpage
How to become an affiliate?
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