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Sophie Downing

on 19 May 2017

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Transcript of Conquistadors

We are were a type of christian/roman catholic. Often times they unlawfully forced the natives to believe what they believed (meaning they used violence). Sometimes we would sell those who weren't their religion into slavery. We were truly a war country. It's what we do, some might believe we had evil intentions at heart.
Sophie, Lucas, Ian and Natalie
We are the mighty Conquistadors, concurs of all. We shall travel to new land to claim for Spain.
And thous begins our journey:
The Start of our Travels
We brought a lot of new things to the new world. We brought crops like sugarcane, wheat, and rice. Animals like pigs, goats, sheep, chicken, cats, cattle, donkey, and different species of dogs were also brought by us
We hunted with their guns, and some with their bows. They liked to go for the big game animals, with lots of meat, so we could feed multiple people.
They also hunted for different things like gold, and wealth. Wealth was one huge reason for their explorations.
Farming and hunting
The main city or Empires are from destroyed Aztec and Inca cities or Empires. Most of our main houses were made of brick or adobe with a wooden door some were even just plain animal skin like Buffalo skin. Our homes were raided during attacks for riches and wealth. find out more on Pyramids.
City/Empire Structure/Layout
We Conquistadors had many tools. Like guns,steel swords,armor,horses, and few bows used. Of course some other tools are building tools like nail,hammers,saws,rope,donkey and cart,and shovels.
Trade and Economy
Pyramids were raided by us for treasure such as lots of Gold, Silver,Gems,and more. We conquistadors never made pyramids but lived
were there were pyramids were just like where the Mayans lived.
Seven Cities Legend
Most of our conquistador adventures started with hearing of the fabled Seven Cities of Cibola. The cities lay in unexplored lands of northern Mexico. It was said that each city was full of riches, storied buildings, and even having domes with decorations of gold.
Most were quite curious if this was true or not, and quite a bit were too scared to even find out. The sea separating Mexico from Europe supposedly had many sea monsters, and of course, the world was flat (Christopher Columbus proved them wrong).

We were very greedy. We hunted for gold, and wealth. Gold and jewels that were stolen from the Aztecs were triumphantly displayed throughout Spain.
Us, the first Spanish Conquistadors, we created the encomienda system, which gave our felow Spaniards the title to own American land, and Native villages. Our system is quickly turned into slavery, and the natives are being paid extremely low wages.
The encomienda system as finally abolished in 1717 but still wet on in regions until Mexico gained independence in the 1820's.

Culture and Daily Life
A lot of us conquistador's folk tales were copied from others, they were slightly changed to fit their type of personality. For example: La Llorona. La llorona translates to weeping woman in spanish.It has many different versions for different countries but it is belived to have originated from Spain. It's about a woman named Maria who is Nahu woman and she marries a spanish man. The spanish man soon leaves her for a young spanish woman. The beautiful Maria drowns the children she gave to her husband as an act of vengance and then realizing what she's done she kills herself. This folklore is also frequent in Slavic Folklore.She also resembles demonic greek demigodess lamia.
Another Folk tale is the fountain of youth.
This tale tells you about a spring of water that'll restore you to your youth. it was told around the world for a very long time. expesially in the caribbean. But it really became famous when Ponce De Leon became assosiated with it. It is id that he heard the story from the Native Americans. He traveled to what is now Flordia thinking he would find the water, but of course it's just a folktale.
most Conquistador tales were inspired by natives, greek, roman mytholoy.

On July 7, 1540 Francisco Coronado and his men reached Zuni territory. Coronado’s men were quite hungry. In the cities there were corn and tortillas (or corn cakes). The Zuni warriors wanted the Spaniards to stay far away from their village. The Zuni were a proud people who were willing to fight. Coronado had no choice but to charge. The Zunis retreated, and for fear of the woman and children getting killed, they surrendered.
Coronado’s men then split into groups and took over other Zuni cities. These, of course, were not the seven cities. For starters, instead of tall buildings made of marble and gold, they found dirt huts stacked on top of each other. The Zunis were, however, skilled and hard working farmers.
While in the city, they were told about some northwest towns with better houses. Those inhabitants were ruled by lords “who were served with dishes of gold.” Coronado was hesitant to believe these stories. He thought the Zunis said this to simply get rid of his army. However Coronado was still curious of what was beyond the horizon. Also, claiming land for Spain would benefit him. In Coronado’s heart, he was becoming more and more a true explorer rather than just a treasure hunter.
Tails from the Zunis
Most of us conquistadors, were usually hidalgos, or minor noblemen, who had to chose between a life of a conquistador, or the church.
The average solider, would join the Royal army, and most likely serve in France serving the legendary Gonzalo Fernandez.
But, the discovery of the New World led to another line of work; The Conquistador. The Conquistadors weren't a sponsored force, by the Crown, but rather paid for individually.
Nearly all of us conquistadors, came to the New World to serve God, and become rich. After 1492, when Columbus discovered the New World, we became a Catholic Country.

Francisco Pizarro González was a Spanish conquistador who led an expedition that conquered the Inca Empire. He captured and killed Incan emperor Atahualpa and claimed the lands for Spain.
In the old day Spain, it was still in the same general area it is today. It is in the southwest part of Europe, and 67 miles off the northwest part of Africa, which is kind of suprising.


We don't have time for music. We were always traveling and killing and concurring lands. Because of what they did we probably wouldn't have felt emotions from the music. The only thing that brought the joy was when they concurred a new land.

Our arts were very dark and often gory. They painted many of their battles and some of themselves (portraits) They painted as you would've seen in the Dark Ages. Darker paints and paintings only of important times.
Destruction of Tenochtitlan (Cortes cut of all their supplies and destroying all their allied cities)
The battle of Cajamarca (Pizarro and his men atacked Atulhupa and his army at Cajamarca)

Famous Conquistadors
Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro Altamirano, Marquis of the Valley of Oaxaca was a Spanish Conquistador who led an expedition that caused the fall of the Aztec Empire.
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