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Performance Management System for a Virtual Workforce

No description

Holly Davis

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Performance Management System for a Virtual Workforce

Performance Management For a Virtual Workforce
Virtual Performance and Talent Management
Benefits of a Good Performance Review Process
Motivates Employees
Recognizes and Compensates Top Performers
Reduces Employee Turnover
Protects You Legally

Top Reasons To Automate Performance Reviews
Better Overall Reviews
Speed-Up Process
Gain Insights with Data
Structured Goal Planning Process
Legally Defensible

Key Factors for Success
Online Reviews
Anonymous 360 Reviews
Streamline Goal Planning
Stronger Compensation Planning
Robust Reporting & Analytics
Increased Information Flow

How to Select an Automated Performance Review
Form Routing
Writing Assistance
Legal Scans
Automated Global Reminders
Coaching Tools
Goal Alignment Capabilities
Dashboard Capabilities
Purpose of a Performance Management System
Assess and Reward
Setting Goals
Define Goals
Manage Change
Provide Training
Obstacles of Managing Virtual Teams
Physical Observation Limitations
Employee Equity
Managers Knowledge of Managing High Performance Teams
Overemphasis on Output Evaluation
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