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A look at example WordPress sites

Lucy Standring

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of WordPress

by Lucy Standring WordPress Introduction I am looking to create my own WordPress site to hold my photography pieces.

Before doing so I thought it would be a good idea to look at existing WordPress sites, making notes on their positives, negatives, as well as aspects which I would like to use in my own site. http://www.cutestpaw.com/ Positives:

Social networking buttons - allow to easily navigate to the organisations other sites.
Navigation system - menu is split up into suitable categories and there is also a search option, which both allow the user to easily find what they are looking for.
Participation - anyone can make an account, upload images, as well as viewing others images and commenting, sharing or 'hugging' them.
Statistics - users can see how many views, comments and hugs each of their images has received.
Organisation - images are sorted into categories by the type of animal, as well as by upcoming and featured. Introduction:

Cutest Paw is a photography site that is "filled with thousands of gorgeous photos of cute animals and pets shared by their proud owners".

The site boasts about having seamless browsing, and has other features such as statistics for all images (figures & graphs). Cutest Paw Cutest Paw http://www.cutestpaw.com/ Introduction:

Charlie Stout is an American songwriter and photographer.

His WordPress site mainly showcases his photography, but also incorporates aspects of his music and video work. Charlie Stout http://www.charliestout.com/ Positives:

Categories/navigation - The navigation of the site consists of categories of photographs (e.g. B&W and portraits) as well as a tab for Charlies' video work, music work and booking information.
Instagram - On each page the user is able to view images from Charlies' Instagram page. I personally think this is not necessary to have on each page. Also there is no link to take the user to his actual Instagram page (on the website Instagram).
Chronological order - All images on the site are shown in date order, showing the most recent first. This is also the case within the categorised sections.
Footer - At the bottom of pages on the site there is a footer which holds a number of different things. Firstly there is a Facebook plugin which allows users to go directly to Charlies' FB page, aswell as allowing them to immediately like his page and see who else likes his page. There is also a SongKick plugin, which shows users when Charlie is playing his next shows and where. Finally in the footer there is a list of hyperlinks for the archived images on the site. These are chronological, and so when clicked take the user to a page consisting of all the images from that month. Charlie Stout Plinkk Photography Introduction:

Plinkk are a husband and wife photography team based in Hampshire, who provide photographic services to clients all over the country.

The couple offer their services for any occassion, and boast that they do so at 'realistic prices'. http://www.charliestout.com/ http://www.plinkkphotography.com/ Plinkk Photography Positives:

Layout: The layout of the Plinkk site is very basic, whilst still being attractive to the eye. The 'basicness' of the site allows for users to access each page with ease.
Navigation: The navigation can be found in the same place on each page of the site, showing consistency throughout. Having the navigation in the same place on each page of the site means the user can easily distinguish where they need to go to access a different page.
Facebook link-in: On the blog section of the site there is the option for the user to like the post/photograph on Facebook. When the 'Like' button is clicked, a box then appears giving you the option to post a status with the blog posts link within it. This ability is good for Plinkk as it means awareness of them can be spread simply at the click of a button. Social network sites: Like all of the sites I have looked at, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc have been incorporated in some way. I'd like to do the same within my site, although I am not exactly sure how atm. I could simply put icons at the top/bottom of my pages, linking to my different social networking sites. Alternatively I could place a Facebook/Twitter feed into the site somewhere, allowing users to see my posts from the social networking sites on my website. Also I could possibly put a system in place which allows users to like my photography page on Facebook, which like the Plinkk site, also give the user the option to post a status too.
Navigation/organisation: For the photography on my site I would like to be able to divide them in suitable categories, for example of what is in the images (e.g. nature, people, events etc). This would mean that users can easily navigate to view the images that they are interested in. I would also like to have the option of allowing users to simply view my photographs in chronological order. I intend to place the navigation sytem either at the top or the left of the page, and to keep it here throughout every page of the site. Aspects I may use in my site: http://www.plinkkphotography.com/ Aspects I may use in my site: 'Liking': I would like to give the users the ability to like my images if they wish to. This will give me a good idea of which images people feel are the best, and generally help me to know how many people are viewing/enjoying my site.
Statistics: Within the photograph section of my site I'd like to be able to place some system/coding which will allow for statistics to be placed on each image. For example when an image is viewed, the user can also see how many others have viewed/liked it.
Instagram: Like Charlie Stout has done on his site, I would like to incorporate Instagram into my site somehow. This may not be in such a big way as Charlie, but may simply be by placing a feed at the bottom of the page, showing a few of my recent images.
Blog: On my site I'd like to place a blog. I feel this will add to the content of my site, as there will not only be photography, but also a blog which I will post to as much as possible. Overall I feel this will make my site better, and will give the user a better experience when they are looking at it.
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