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8000 Dollar SGA Retreat

Where did this 8000 dollar SGA cabinet retreat come from?

AngryUCF Students

on 27 September 2010

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Transcript of 8000 Dollar SGA Retreat

cABINET RETREAT ? WHY? SGA Officials from 2007:
President Brandy Hollinger
Vice President Logan Berkowitz
http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2242381843 Under the Hollinger/Berkowitz
administration a bill was passed to increase
the amount allocated for the Executive
Cabinet Retreat from $6,000 to $8,000 $8000 WHO $8,000 is a lot of money. Right?
At the time the SGA budget was 13.75 million
(making it .00058 of the SGA budget) HOLLINGER/BERKOWITZ FROM

are RESPONSIBLE 2007 http://www.asf.ucf.edu/financial/budgets/08-09/ASF08-09Budget.pdf Remember this guy? The Berkowitz/Delanois administration of 2008 was
budgeted this
and budgeted for the next year, too! $8000 $8000 http://www.asf.ucf.edu/financial/budgets/09-10/ASF09-10Budget.pdf At the time the SGA budget was 14.3 million
(making it .00056 of the SGA budget) THAT'S NOT ALL! So, why is everyone talking
about Mike Kilbride? ? Peterson/Lewis from 2009
allocated $8000 for Executive Retreat, following the trend
started by Hollinger/Berkowitz
and carried through by
Berkowitz/Delanois. http://www.asf.ucf.edu/financial/budgets/10-11/ASF10-11Budget.pdf Maybe the real question is: Why do KnightNews and Andrew Stein
care about Kilbride? Andrew Stein was in the Berkowitz/ Delanois cabinet in the
position of PR coordinator... He went on the first ever
Cabinet Retreat! The SGA budget was 15.5 million (making it .00051 of the SGA budget) He wasn't the only one... Randy Marsden served in the Berkowitz/Delanios
cabinet as Director of Communication...
He got to go on the first ever
SGA Cabinet retreat, too...
$8000 Last year Kevin Wolkenfeld ran
with Daniel Seeff on a ticket for
SGA Presidential elections... Daniel Seeff was the Business Strategist in the Hollinger/Berkowitz
cabinet when the decision was made to raise the budget for Executive Retreat from $6000 to $8000 Zeve Salman was also on the Hollinger Berkowitz cabinet as the Webdesigner
at the time the decision was made... Hmm...
there is someone missing... Oh yeah the "Founder" of
KnightNews himself! And Director of Communications for the Hollinger/Berkowitz cabinet! This guy, along with the others is on EVERY campaign
facebook group for: The Stein/Peckham
Campaign The Berkowitz/Delanios
The Hollinger/Berkowitz
The Seeff/Wolkenfeld
Campaign WHY ? LIE So this guy can
make money off of
page veiws? So these guys can get
political revenge? So no one would find out
that you all were involved all along?! ADMIT YOUR INVOLVEMENT! And, why didn't they
tell you this? The Students of UCF
Deserve the TRUTH! Visit the Facebook Page:
"The Truth About The $8000
UCF SGA Cabinet Retreat"
http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Truth-About-The-8000-UCF-SGA-Cabinet-Retreat/143706068981079 Keep clicking to find out!
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