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FF Change Management

No description

Louise Gay-Jones

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of FF Change Management

Management The retail world is changing Businesses are having to adapt to meet customer needs in a truly multi channel environment A web site today isn’t merely another store, it is now an integral part of the business Most people in a business are affected and all core business processes are impacted These changes are not just about technology alone.
Change management is vital.
Changes impact the customer. Retailers with passion and pace for retail First Friday is a Training & Development and Change Management business with its
roots in retail. We have a large and established client base within the UK retail sector. Building on this success we have expanded into other customer facing sectors where commerciality, flexibility and the ability to react quickly are prerequisites. The business has recently expanded internationally. We enable people to do their jobs more skilfully & effectively, to understand the impact of change and to embed change successfully. Our commercial and retail background sets us apart from other Training and Change Management businesses. All of our consultants have held senior executive roles. This, coupled with the fact that we work with world class retailers every day, sets us apart and highlights our USP. Our Oracle and ATG Stories Our clients - a who’s who in retail We make it happen … Bespoke solutions in:

Training and Development

Change Management

Communications we hit the
running Change Management Framework Training & Development We equip people in organisations with the best skills for their job. We develop ‘best in class’ commercial skills, whether that’s job related skills for the frontline, developing new managers and future leaders or learning to work with a new system.

Training & Developing:
Job Related Skills
Sales & Service
Process & Systems Training for new systems
Personal Effectiveness
Management Skills
Leadership Development
High Performing Teams
Commercial Coaching & Mentoring Supporting Organisational Development:
L & D Framework
Assessment Centres
Train the Trainer
Business Communication
Learning Management Systems Change Management
Whatever change your business makes, it’s the people who will make it a success or a failure. We help businesses deliver sustainable change.

We do it for you
Impact Assessment
Gap Analysis
Stakeholder Engagement
Organisation Design
TNA, Training Plans & Training
Risk Management We help you do it
Leading Change
Project Management for Commercial Managers
Project on boarding
Training for project secondees Communication First Friday’s approach to a communication programme for any business change ensures that no-one is left in the dark - everybody is fully engaged.

Our key elements to any communication programme include:

An ‘identity’ for the programme
Launch communications
On-going communications
Team specific communications Putting change
into perspective Improve your
chance of
success What needs to happen?
Clear communication
Obtain buy-in
Continued communication
Communication tailored to audience What needs to happen?
Engagement is vital by all
Identify stakeholders
Understand level of buy in required
Plan how to get them there What needs to happen?
Assess impact to roles and organisation
Identify differences between old and new
Feeds into Training

Impact to other functions
Customers What needs to happen?
Overall Change Plan
Training Plan
Communications Plan Communications Stakeholder Assessment Case Study New web content management system System not being used for following reasons

The Creative team
Resisting the change as they view new system as too restrictive for their ‘creative’ talents
The team do not see the benefits to the business – only the impact upon their jobs

The new processes
A lot effort went into creating the processes, but the impact upon the international web sites was overlooked
International Creative teams cannot use new system – one of the main benefits of project
The templates used during the development were not detailed enough Impact Change Management has three main objectives: To effectively manage business change to ensure that impacted stakeholders receive the support and development they need throughout the programme, and respond positively to the programme of change. To transform the way people work, ensuring that impacted stakeholders adopt and own the new processes, technology and ways of working associated with the project. To ensure that the vision and critical success factors are clearly articulated and understood by all, and that leaders are actively engaged and are leading their people through the change. Benefits of planned Change Management These changes are not just about technology alone.
Change management is vital.
Changes impact the customer. Thank you What questions
can we answer?
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