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Valerie Holmes

No description

Jennifer Brown

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Valerie Holmes

Leadership Valerie Holmes Associate Director - Student Development Services M.S. Educational Leadership
and Policy Studies B.A. in African American
World Studies Clarity of Thought Leadership Development
and Life Strategy Consulting Leadership Someone who has the ability to have clarity, evoke inspiration to guide others to accomplish a mission, and does what needs to be done in the moment it needs to be done. Despite adversity, a leader will still do the right thing. A leader is someone who understands how to
relate and interact with people. Leadership is someone who understands how to be a leader for
themselves first and foremost and make good life decisions. Leadership is all these things happening and a leader is someone who is able to do those things. Relational Leadership Relational and ethical process of people together attempting to accomplish positive change (Komives, Lucas, & McMahon, 2007, p. 74). Meeting the person where they are and helping them do better. Core Competencies for Success Communication Diversity Forward Thinking Relationship Building Understand the needs of others Advocating Value Be Relevant Trends Plan Accordingly Jennifer Brown Cross-Cultural
Leadership The ability to monitor oneself Ask Questions Cultural values and beliefs affect the practice of leadership development because they relate directly to the assumptions on which this practice is built. Hoppe, 1998, p. 339 Muslim Event Looking to the Future Do your research before entering situations. Be relevant. Do your job and do it well. Dr. Janice Norton Valerie Holmes Sunrise College Alienation Temporality Selfish Meet them where they are Ask Questions All Staff Lunch Strategic Plan
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