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Mind Reading

The Interactive Guide to Emotions

Christian Trella

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Mind Reading

Mind Reading An Interactive Guide to Emotions What is mind reading? Mind Reading is a new interactive educational resource, designed to help people learn about emotions. It contains 412 different emotional concepts, each one expressed by six actors using the face and the voice. There are also mini-stories to provide contexts. So there are 2472 faces, 2472 voices and 2472 stories, all about emotion Who will be using it? Mind Reading is for everyone interested in emotions. It has been designed with awareness of the special needs of children and adults who have difficulties recognising emotional expression in others. It is also an invaluable resource for actors, directors, writers and anyone involved in the dramatic arts. The title enables the user to study emotions and to learn the meanings of facial expressions and tone of voice, drawing on a comprehensive underlying audio-visual and text database.

How does Mind Reading help people on the autism spectrum?

People on the autism spectrum frequently have difficulty “reading” people’s faces and voices. This can make social interaction extremely difficult. Research by Professor Baron-Cohen and others has shown that emotions can be learned by people who have problems in this area. Mind Reading provides opportunities to study emotions through the use of video clips, stories and voices. Quizzes and lessons enable this learning to be tested.
What Skills Will Be Learned? Emotions Library Learning Center Games Zone Emotions Library Learning Center Games Zone Here you can study 412 different emotions organised into 24 related groups. Six video clips are provided for each emotion showing close-up performances by a wide range of people (old, young, men, women, boys, girls, etc).
Six audio clips are also provided with the chosen emotion being expressed in the appropriate tone of voice. There are written definitions, synonyms, notes, a search facility and a scrapbook where you create and organise your own collections.
This area of the product is intended to help people who have difficulty recognising emotions. It has been designed particularly with the needs of those with autism spectrum disorders and Asperger Syndrome in mind.

A variety of lessons and quizzes are provided to present emotions in a systematic way and then to test recognition. The difficulty of the lessons can be adjusted to suit a wide range of ages and ability levels. A rich set of collectible rewards is provided to help motivate students.
If you just want to have fun with emotions, then play one of the games in this section of the product. See how world famous actor Daniel Radcliffe reacts to being offered some raw squid! Visit a school, an office or a market to guess how the people there are feeling. Play a fast moving card game where you have to match the faces to win.

The games zone encourages informal learning about emotions in a less structured setting.
Won't it get boring? All the quizzes are randomly generated within the confines of the level chosen, so it isn’t possible to learn the answers by heart. Because there are six levels and 412 emotions, there is plenty of room for progress.

In addition, we have devised a set of collectible rewards including birds, butterflies, trains and musical instruments that provides an incentive to study emotions and to complete lessons successfully. Emotions Library Learning Center Games Zone Administration Change user settings
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Reward System

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