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"The Scarlet Ibis"

No description

Katy Ledford

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of "The Scarlet Ibis"

"The Scarlet Ibis"
Guilty or Innocent?
Mirnada Cole,Katy Ledford, Daniel Mcbrayer, Lucas Walden

Doodle's brother is guilty beyond belief.
There are many reasons Doodle's brother is guilt.
One would be, he worked Doodle to hard.
Another one would be,he made Doodle touch hid own coffin
When Doodle's brother was young he plotted to kill Doodle.
Reason One:
He worked Doodle to hard
Reason two:
Brother made Doodle touch his own coffin.
Doodle's brother took him to the barn and made him touch his own coffin. He obviously had to have a repulsion to Doodle to do this. No one that loves and cares for some one would even come close to telling them they were meant to die, much less make them touch their coffin. This is a cruel and un human act to do to a family member.
Reason Three:
He plotted to kill Doodle.
When Brother was younger he plotted to kill Doodle. He plotted to do this by smothering him with a pillow during Doodle's sleep. Even the youngest children know that killing is a very wrong thing to do. Brother had no excuse to be thinking this, unless he obviously wanted his brother gone.
Is brother innocent?
Definitely not!
You say that brother is innocent because he was nice to Doodle and taught him many things. There are many false staments in that thought. First of all, brother was not nice in many ways. If nice to you is making your own sibling touch their coffin, plotting to kill them, than I do not want to know what your mean is. Do you know why he taugh Doodle those things?? He did it because of pride not because he loved Doodle. He did it because he was ashamed of having an disabled brother.
Doodle's family was told by the doctors that Doodle had a weak heart.Also they were told to not increase his heart rate or make him to excited.Doodle's brother obviously went against this. He did this by;
Making him row oars till he could not lift them anymore.
Making him swim until his lips were blue.
Brother also made him run until he fell on his face from exhaustion.
Doodle's brother deserves to be convected for murder. If he would not have worked Doodle to hard than Doodle would still be alive. Brother also ran away from Doodle even after knowing Doodle did not like storms. Doodle even yelled "Don't leave me brother," even after hearing this brother left. In the end Doodle got to use the coffin brother made him touch.
Will you find brother Guilty or Innocent?
Give Doodle Justice!
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