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Riley Pettit

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Teachr.

Wikipedia How it works Pinterest Main Function: Inspiration for effeminate activities. Output Process Pinterest share new facts
share new ideas
get a daily dose of knowledge and information

Teachr is a social network with a purpose, to inform. Teachr. Where everyone can learn something new How It Works:
Pinterest operates with an system of "boards" that function as storage for links to pictures, and places to buy things. The "boards" on Pinterest are really quite similar to any old cork board you keep at home. It is the online version of seeing something you like in a magazine, cutting the picture out, and sticking it onto a board full of similar things you like. History of Pinterest:
Development began in 2009
Launched fully March 2010, under an invite-only beta
Created by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra
Became one of the 10 largest social networking sites in December 2011
In August 2012, Pinterest no longer required a request or invitation to join
March 2012 Pinterest became the third largest social networking site, behind Facebook and Twitter Wikipedia is a online encyclopedia that is edited by people all over the globe and consists of 285 languages. Some pages are blocked from editing due to their sensitivity and likeliness to be vandalized. Each language has their own monitoring system. Experts/past-posters on the page are notified when a change is made and the posts are finally determined by consensus. There is a forum on most pages for complaints/discussions to occur. Lesser known features:
Pinterest doesn't have many features. It's just the boards. Though they also have "Secret Boards". Many people don't understand the purpose of these. They are meant for you to collect ideas for something that you don't want to share with everyone. Like a surprise party, or a wedding that the groom asked you yet! History of Wikipedia Wikipedia Wikipedia has been around for a mere
13 years and is supported by the nonprofit Wikipedia foundation. In 2001 Wikipedia stated that it would not have advertisements and changed their domain to .org instead of .com. It became the largest encyclopedia in 2007 (passing Yongle Encyclopedia who had the record for 600 years). The Dark Side of Wikipedia Teachr. Where everyone can learn something new Wikipedia has often been ridiculed for not being very accurate or reliable. This is pretty common sense because it isn't written by experts and has a very open structure. Encyclopedia Britannica has even questioned Wikipedia's status as an encyclopedia. However, a report following this accusation showed that Wikipedia was just about as credible as EB.

"As the popular joke goes, ‘The problem with Wikipedia is that it only works in practice. In theory, it can never work.’”
—Miikka Ryökäs Breakup of content Breakup of contributors BTW all of this info came from Wikipedia Knowledge Group input Pictures Colorful Any fact you ever find interesting in your internet travels, can be shared with your followers with the click of button.
You simply highlight the information you want to share and Teachr. will convert it to the proper format Shared Disliked by pros Loved by all Used solely by white females Posted mostly by white males
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