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The Inca

by: Eric Ivey

susa. acree

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The Inca

the Inca culture
they worshipped
many different gods
they were in south
america and had
mountains around them Contributions the inventions they used is
regular everyday things we use today
knifes,forks,pots,pans,shelter,and clothing Social class sapa inca
4 governors 1 for each quarter
local govenors for large areas
less imprtant curacas
10 head curaca
contributons the tools they used to sacrifice
is knifes blunt objects and oter sharp
they chose the andeas moutains because
good crops could be grown there and it
provided safty culture they put the mummies
sometimes out side and if they were important they will put them somewhere and ask them for advise
culture the language they spoke was queehua
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