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Catch Me If You Can

IMDb Fact Check

Arianna White

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Catch Me If You Can

My Name is Frank
William Abagnale Jr. In Reality: Catch Me If You Can: The true story of a real fake hubpages.com twocrabapples.blogspot.com Then Now Posed as a Pan Am pilot, parish prosecutor, a doctor, a professor, and many other things A con-man who stole over two and a half million dollars in forged checks Squandered his wealth in every continent, on expensive cars, women, 5-star hotels, handsome wardrobes, gluttonous foods and other goodies All before he was twenty-one In "Catch Me If You Can": In Reality: Why? Frank is an only child Frank was the third of four children isolate Frank from a stable family life -- plausible for him to pursue cons hiseyeswerewatchingmovies.blogspot.com www.moviepostershop.com Directed by: Steven Spielberg www.rogerebert.com "Catch Me If You Can" Inspired by the true story of... Main Actors:
Tom Hanks
Leonardo DiCaprio
Presentation by: Arianna White A Changed Childhood thedailygrifter.blogspot.com Frank Sr. and Paulette I Am Frank's Mother In "Catch Me If You Can": (Spielberg) portrayed as a gold digger Paulette getting caught with another man by Frank a confident woman pursuing a career Paulette is upset after losing their money and possessions (Spielberg) Why? sympathize with Frank and excuse his crimes The Changes associated with Frank's Father 1. Contact In "Catch Me If You Can":
Frank writes letters to his Father He continues to see his father after he runs away He tries to give his father money In Reality: Frank never contacted his father after he ran away Why? His father is used as a role model by this and through these examples... In "Catch Me If You Can": 2. An Idol (Spielberg) In Reality: Again, Frank never saw and/or idolized his Father Why? Frank idolizes his Father creates a vulnerability in Frank reminds audience that he is just a child The Relationship In "Catch Me If You Can": Frank constantly tries to push his parents back together after they divorce In Reality: Frank's father wanted Frank to help him get back with his mother --to the discontent of Frank Why? makes his character look idealistic and needy like that of a child All in one: changes of the father-son relationship justify the fact that Frank was lead by wanting to fix a broken home Works Cited: Abagnale, Frank William. Comments from Frank W. Abagnale concerning the book and film, Catch Me If You Can. Frank W. Abagnale. Abagnale & Associates, 3 Sept. 2002. Web. 26 Apr. 2013. <http://www.abagnale.com/comments.htm>.
Abagnale, Frank William, and Stan Redding. Catch Me If You Can. New York: Broadway, 1980. EPUB file.
About. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Apr. 2013. <http://thai-d.com/movie-english/catchme/real_frank_abagnale.htm>.
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Spielberg, Steven, dir. Catch Me If You Can. Perf. Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. Prod. Walter F. Parkes. 2002. DreamWorks, 2003. DVD.
It's never to late to turn your life around. He's a real person, not just a criminal.
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