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Virtual Field Trip: Sun Studio

No description

Brooke Bunten

on 30 June 2013

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Transcript of Virtual Field Trip: Sun Studio

The Birthplace of Rock and Roll:
Sun Studio
in Memphis, Tennessee

The City Where a New Sound Began
One could say that Memphis, Tennessee was destined to become the birthplace of rock and roll because of it's geographical location, but there was much more than geography at play. Go to the following site an read about the music scene in Memphis: http://rockhall.com/story-of-rock/timelines/memphis/more/
The Man Who Recorded the New Sound:
Sam Phillips
One man is more responsible for delivering the rock sound than any other. Read one of the following articles about Sun Studio owner, Sam Phillips.


The Big Voices that became The Big Names
Go to the Sun Studio website and click on the names of the musicians that recorded there. Read their brief biographies and listen to the audio clips that accompany them. Then, go to the second website and read about The Million Dollar Jam Session.


The Sweet Sound of Sun Records
Sun Records had a sound all their own. This was largely due to the unique acoustics of the tiny studio. Watch the following video for more information on the sound of sun records.
Tour Sun Studio
Each of the following videos will take you into Sun Studio. Watch both of them, because they will provide you with different information.
Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented
Rock & Roll (Part 1)
Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented
Rock & Roll (Part 2)
Walk on By: The Story of Popular Song
Premier Guitar: Sun Studio Tour
The A.V. Club: Sun Studio Tour
Photos from my Trip
Has the Sun Set on Sun Studio?
No. Popular artists are still recording at Sun Studio. For your final assignment, return to the Sun Studio website at http://www.sunstudio.com/sessions/

Select one of the artists listed on the site. View the video of their recording session at Sun Studio and complete a Listening Log over the song.
History of Rock and Roll
Learning Target:
I can identify and explain the importance of noteworthy songs, key performers, composers, and industry figures in the evolution of Rock and Roll.
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